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2024-03-03 21:17:47
This is an official clan thread for the Willows Garden

Welcome to Willows Garden💖

We will be running weekly raffles.
Raffles will consist of decor,applicators, lion's and food or toy bundles!


*Owner and Co-Owner are here to answer any questions, don't hesitate to send a message.

Upcoming Raffles
Our Next Raffle will be event decor!!
Tranquilizer Darts

50 member milestone raffle - 1 gb

g3 Pie ticked
G5 interstellar based
Pie (Cracked)
Primal Fangs
Primal Fangs
Rules and Regulations
1. Please be kind and respectful of everyone
2. Three strikes will result in you being banned from the thread and clan
3. No begging or harassment
4. Do not ask us to open the clan hoard, as it's for the clan raffles
5. Respect everyone's opinion, even if they don't share yours

*Keep in mind that Lioden Code of Conduct applies and any member caught being blatantly rude or disrespectful towards others will be booted.
As you explore, a thick fog slowly rolls in, obscuring your view and surrounding you in eerie silence; all you can hear is the fast beating of your heart and the rustling of leaves from the slight breeze caressing your fur until a loud howl sounds in the distance. The wind picks up harshly, blowing dust and leaves into your eyes. Once you close them, a fierce roar echoes around you before everything stops. Silence falls once again around you. When you open your eyes, the sun shines bright as a lush hedge stands tall before you with a slight archway for you to enter.

Once you pass through the opening, you are greeted with more of the hedge. The deeper you wind through to the exit, you begin to hear birds singing, the ruffling of leaves, and soft trickles from a small river bed; as you reach the end, the sun flashes into your eyes, momentarily blinding you but when you can see again you see a grand willow tree encircled by a shallow river in the center of the maze where a few Kings and Queens laze about softly chatting to one another as their cubs and pride members intermingle.

Two Kings notice your presence and gracefully pad towards you with deep, friendly rumbles. They welcome you to Willows Garden, where Kings and Queens can relax with different prides and their members. They beckon you to join them under the shaded willow to relax after your long journey.

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