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Prussia (#53555)

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2016-12-12 05:10:34
Okay, for a while now, I have been thinking about suggesting relationships and interactions with lions and pride mates.

How it would work is every day you can, emphasis on 'can', interact with a lion/ess and improve your relationship with them. There would be a relationship bar right above/below their level and experience bar. The higher it is, the better relationship you have with that lion/ess.

This interaction would be 100% optional. You wouldn't need to have a relationship with a lion at all if you don't want to.

Depending on your relationship with a lion, they can have various titles, which are displayed similarly to titles on a main male. For example, Belladona, Beloved of the King. Below they are listed:
Your Best Friend- +7 happiness every day.
Your Confidante- +9 Happiness every day.
Your Beloved- +11 happiness every day.
Rival- (-)5 happiness per day.
Conspirator- (-) 15 happiness per day. (this title is only obtainable if all of their bars are negatively filled to 100%; the conspirator title means this specific lion hates you so much that they're willing to form a plot to end you.)

Only one lion in your pride can have each title, except for conspirator. And it takes a while to achieve these titles. Please note that even though the conspirator of your pride may want you dead, they will NOT try and kill you, they just don't like you.

Lions gain these titles through interaction. Interactions include:
Play, tussle, groom, hunt, talk, gossip, ask for advice, flirt, and joke.

Each one helps with a different piece of your relationship with that lion/ess. There are five different pieces: Trust, loyalty, respect, submissiveness/dominance, and attraction. Submissiveness and dominance don't appear until a certain point, but all others are there from the beginning.

Here's what each action bumps up: (note, this scale is only accurate if personalities don't clash with each other!)
Play + 5 loyalty
Tussle + 5 respect
Groom + 5 trust
Hunt + 5 loyalty
Talk + 5 respect
Gossip + 5 trust
Ask for Advice + 5 attraction
joke + 5 attraction
Flirt +3 attraction

Clashing Personalities

Yes! Personalities can clash or harmonize! Here are the clashing personalities:

Kind clashes with evil and snarky.
Good clashes with evil and snarky.
Neutral does not clash with any personality.
Evil clashes with good and kind.
Snarky clashes with good and kind.

Personalities that clash will only get half the interaction points up to a certain level. Once each bar is 30% full, they will gain the same amount of points.

Personalities that harmonize

Good harmonizes with kind and neutral, and other good lions
Kind harmonizes with good and neutral, and other kind lions.
Neutral harmonizes with all personalities.
Evil harmonizes with other evil lions, snarky lions and neutral lions.
Snarky harmonizes with other snarky lions, evil lions and neutral lions.

Title Standards

To attain titles, the bars on lions must be at a certain point. They need to reach a precise mark in order to be that title.

To Be a Hero: for a lion to be your hero, all relationship bars must be at at least 60% fullness!

To be a Best Friend: For a lion to be your best friend, all relationship bars must be at least 70% full!

To be a Confidante: For a lion to be your confidante, all relationship bars must be at at least 80% fullness.

To be a Significant other: For a lion to be your significant other, all relationship bars must be at at least 80% fullness!

To be the Conspirator: All bars must be negatively filled to 100%

This suggestion would be optional! If added, you would NOT need to have any relationship with your lions at all! Only if you want to! It's just to add a little bit more fun!

This suggestion has 299 supports and 13 NO supports.

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Posted on
2016-12-14 21:38:27
I love this idea, totally support!

Prussia (#53555)

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Posted on
2016-12-15 04:53:54
Yay! Thank you!

Clementine (#34465)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2016-12-17 17:02:14
I actually really like this idea!

Although it might be a lot of work to code. I'm not a coder myself, so I wouldn't know, but it seems like it would be a big update if it were to be implemented.

Prussia (#53555)

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Posted on
2016-12-19 04:54:59
Yeah it would... I hope they'll implement it slowly like they are with injuries.

YakyuuPiffle (#101248)

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Posted on
2017-01-08 20:04:05
Totally support!! It would be great!!

『Moon』 (#100696)

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Posted on
2017-01-08 20:20:54
I love this! It'd be an incredible addition to the game!:D

Fart (#25392)

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Posted on
2017-02-02 06:38:09
This would be really cute! I feel like I would never see most of this added content, because I rarely interact with my lions and just give them toys to keep their moods up, but I think this would add a lot to the game for those who do interact with their lions a lot.

Selene 🌙 (#103181)

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Posted on
2017-02-06 04:04:20
This is such a fun idea! I would love this!

Araignée (#115183)

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Posted on
2017-08-06 11:04:27
Support. This is a neat idea! Personally I love the roleplay aspect of my lions, so this would be really fun to toy with.

Finch Face (#131981)

Lone Wanderer
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Posted on
2018-01-06 13:11:35
I really like this idea because I go on these sites specifically to make stories and inspire me to write. However I don't use toys and instead try to interact with all my permanent pride members manually every day (this will not always be sustainable for me I know). Should this be implemented, would there be a way to interact neutrally with lionesses should I not be sure whether I want to keep a certain lioness and not want to get too emotionally invested in her while I keep her mood up anyway just in case of a later change of heart?

Prussia (#53555)

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Posted on
2018-10-27 16:37:56
@Finch Face
Sorry for the late reply. Well, I mean there wasn't but I think that would be a good idea. I think that the 'neutral option,' would be using toys on lionesses you don't want to get too invested in emotionally. If you give them a toy, there's no one-on-one interaction, you've only given them something to keep them busy.

🌸Dawnstar🌸 (#106814)

Deathlord of the Jungle
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Posted on
2018-10-27 21:37:01
I support! Really neat idea! :D But I was thinking, what if those lionesses who are 100% happy get like a bonus from hunting or something? Like since this lioness is 100% happy, she has brought you a carcass or some sort?

Prussia (#53555)

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Posted on
2018-10-27 22:31:19
That could be interesting. But The bonus wouldn't be able to be incredibly high, probably 10% at most.

Aredy1974 (#166030)

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Posted on
2019-04-21 01:33:41
You have my support.

Shy (#76737)

Aztec Knight
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Posted on
2019-05-05 12:52:49
I LOVE this idea!