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2019-08-26 19:04:11
I think this puzzle game with Lioden art would be neat.

There is a tiger a on a board of light-colored circles. The circles become dark-colored when you click them, turning into a wall the tiger cannot go through.

The point of the game is to trap the tiger in a tightly-closed loop (the tiger is surrounded by 6 dark circles and cannot move). You get a flat-rate of points when winning a level + 5 points for each unused circles.

The more you progress through the levels, less starting dark circles there will be.

Good luck!

To celebrate 50 support, development ideas! Should the chased feline be :

A) A tiger
B) A baby tiger
C) A tigon (+2)
D) A baby tigon
E) A dwarf lion

04/11/2019 : 100 support!! I love y'all, and I'm glad y'all like my suggestion!!

29/11/2019 : 150 Support!!♥ I will work on compiling ideas up here so people don't have to go through the pages. Also, I'm not a clan person, but don't hesitate to talk about this thread to your allies ~

18/01/2020 : 200 support!!♥♥♥ I don't know what else to add besides more thanks!!

Brainstormed Ideas :
- A range of Low/Medium/High rewards based on tiered scores

No prize/Dud Prize = 1000 and less
Low = between 1001 and 2500
Medium = between 2501 and 5999
High = between 6000 and 9999
Very high = 10 000+

- Emphasis on the rare Tigon mutation ; It would be the feline represented and when doing a high score you have a low chance of winning mutation boosts from the prize pool.

- A suggested prize is a ticket for a monthly raffle. Raffle is created by the Admins and includes mutation items or an actual mutated lion.

- Various biomes stages like in Reptile Roundup for an even bigger prize pool

- Naming the game "trap the Trespasser" and have the feline change with the different biomes. The mutation item prize stays.

This suggestion has 239 supports and 8 NO supports.

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💫 Meadow 💫 (#95676)

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Posted on
2019-11-27 20:21:45
Love it! I like the tigon idea

Alexie_Alduc (#175913)

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Posted on
2019-11-27 20:28:25
Thank you for the feedback!

LigerHeart (#89366)

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Posted on
2020-01-01 09:30:38
I can't view the linked game on my phone. How does the game work? Can there be a description in OP please?

Alexie_Alduc (#175913)

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Posted on
2020-01-01 12:21:10
Oh my! I don't have mobile device so I can't see the problem for myself but I will absolutely put up a description as best as I can! Thank you for telling me!