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Fading Angel (Clean
Pearl) (#81854)

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Posted on
2019-11-12 17:59:41
Some our original pies have dead out to the point we can not get clean ones. Specifically heavy pie. That is where this thread comes in.

First, I would like you all to understand how MOD: Piebald works.
Introduced 2016 Mutie On Demand: Piebald - With this item, you can apply one of seven Piebald mutation patterns at random to your chosen lion.
Second, you need to understand how to obtain it, as of right now, which is Black Friday.
$100 purchase - 5 decors, 1 new applicator, 30% chance for older decors, 1 extra rare item from a list of random items. The MOD: Piebald is on the list of random prize item

So as you can see its a very small chance to get it. Its a even smaller chance to get the desired pie from it.

This is my personal suggestion:
We bring back MOD: Piebald as the MOD given for this black Friday. It's been unavailable for 3 years.
And we dont need new pies.

Second suggestion would be:
$100 purchase lets you pick your preferred MOD.
And $50 and $75 purchases gives you a random chance of any of the MOD.

Again, do we really need more pies?

Added thought not part of the support/no supports
If a different MOD is planned, not Pie, maybe we can have an option to specifically buy the MOD pies we desire? (Or change it to 1 random item rewarded with $75 purchase, and 2 random items for $100 purchase.)

This suggestion has 174 supports and 14 NO supports.

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Amethyst (#3406)

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Posted on
2019-11-19 21:50:19
Support. ^^ Would like to see the older piebalds make a comeback.

ean (#53580)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2019-11-23 14:07:37
Love the suggestion to let you pick which one you want if you spend a certain amount, and have it be random for lesser amounts. Or just pick which one you want in the first place.

Azima [main] (#126735)

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Posted on
2019-11-24 23:31:13
I dunno but... if you're paying REAL MONEY... I don't think gambling should be an option. You should be able to PICK what you want, especially if you're spending $100 on an online game. Making a gamble out of it seems like a shitty way for the site to try and get people to spend more money, trying to get what they want, cause we all know how shitty RNG is on here.

I don't plan to spend that much on Black Friday, I can't afford it, but I support this so hard for those of you who are able to. :)

Reau[Blazing x2
Rosette] (#174553)

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Posted on
2019-11-27 17:09:50
Support! I've you're spending $100 you should get a say in what item you get, that's a lot of money to roll the dice on. Even with $50 or $75 getting to pick an older MOD would be nice since the MOD itself is still random.

Kine (#99992)

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Posted on
2019-11-29 13:00:18

Honestly I think we should be able to pick which one we want regardless of if it's 50 or 100 that we spend. 50 is a LOT of money for some people. I spent 50 across my two accounts and ended up with two MoDs that I hate. It's my first year participating in Black Friday for lioden due to financial issues in the past and it left a bad taste in my mouth to spend that much money and get two things I didn't want.

I feel like all of the pies should be just under the MoD piebald and we should have ALL of them to choose from under that.

Desolace, Incubus (#36375)

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Posted on
2019-12-06 14:07:28
Hold up, are you saying the Black Friday deal gives you a small chance to get a MOD when you spend $100.00

Please tell me this isnt true.

RNG is fun! Said no one ever.

Fading Angel (Clean
Pearl) (#81854)

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Posted on
2019-12-06 14:16:45
For the second one, yes. Previous MODs are add to the list of random chance.

New one for the year is 1 per purchase, lowest amount for a MOD is $50, if you spend $100 its 1 new MOD with a random item from the list holding the other mods

Desolace, Incubus (#36375)

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Posted on
2019-12-06 15:01:07
Ok, glad thats cleared up.

On the other hand, these random items seem more like consolation prizes. If $100 are spent, these should not be on the list because they are so common, like the Lion Meat and Black Stallion.

* Instant Cub Delivery
* Energy Boost
* Giant Tortoise
* Roasted Vulture
* Shamanic Stew
* Black Stallion
* Egg Yolk
* Jellyfish
* Meat Pie
* Lion Meat
* Yohimbe Bark

The rest seem nice though and should stay for sure.

* Grain of Paradise
* GMO Cow
* Buffalo Scrotum
* Ochre Gnawrock
* Lion Scrotum
* Crunchy Worm
* Mutie On Demand: Piebald
* Mutie On Demand: B&W Patches
* Shadow of Death
* Mukombero (NEW IN 2019!)
* 2018's Black Friday MoDs (NEW IN 2019!)
- Patches (Corrupted)
- Patches (Fringe)
- Patches (Striped)
- Piebald (Daedal)
- Piebald (Svelte)
- Piebald (Withered)

Fading Angel (Clean
Pearl) (#81854)

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Posted on
2019-12-06 15:03:16
Agreed and there is a suggestion for the list to be edited :)

But as of right now... It is more worth buying 2 50 Bundles because its a gureentee of 2 mods

Oh and jellyfish shiuld stay. As it can only be obtianed from jackpot in slots. And is more worth than GoP
Also very handy for lethal muties

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文多 3G Shred (#107963)

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Posted on
2020-02-21 02:14:36
Please yes!
Because it would be nice to be devoted to old piebald and patches without having to pay more and more every year. Not to forget chance of getting what you want when every old MOD is rng on any purchase from 100 dollars and up is getting super random now vs when it only existed like 2 different MOD.

Kraft (#738)

Aztec Knight
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Posted on
2020-02-21 02:18:30
Yes please! I prefer this over new patterns at this point.