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As a little heads up, Lioden will be launching a Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale, starting November 29th and lasting until the end of December 2nd! A news post will be posted on Black Friday itself, when the deal goes live.


Reverse Breeding!
You guys voted and gave us some helpful feedback - now, it's here! Reverse breedings are now an official and secure feature of the site. Yes, this is the pesky feature that held us up and caused the "Friday" news post to be delayed. We're very sorry about the wait, but we hope this will be worth it!

If you have a lioness that is within breeding age (2 years to 14 years) and she is not infertile, you now have the ability to set her up for reverse breeding and charge players a fee to breed with her! You'll find the following option beneath the "Update Lion" table on your lioness's page.



When you choose to buy a reverse breeding from another player's lioness, your king will always be the stud in use. If you suddenly see your energy declining, don't be alarmed! Check your breeding requests area to see if you've sent out a reverse breeding to another player.

Reverse breeding is in the name - it functions just like the stud request feature, but with a few key differences. You can attach breeding items to use within your request that will automatically be applied onto the lioness once she is successfully bred. Be sure to apply breeding items to your king before you send out your reverse breeding requests!

If you run out of energy while breeding, the lioness's owner will be told that you do not have enough energy to complete the breeding - you, as the stud owner, receive "Reverse Studding Accepted - But Failed!" messages for each failed attempt.

You can send out multiple reverse breeding requests to multiple lionesses. It might be a good idea to keep track of your breedings and time them accordingly, lest you forget to attach that Buffalo Scrotum to your king and your heat purchase goes awry.

Conversely, a lioness owner can also have multiple reverse breeding requests to the same lioness; however, lionesses are still held to the same 20 day breeding cooldown as they always were, so your incoming request page might get a little lengthy if it's not properly trimmed down.


As soon as your lioness gets a reverse breeding request, you are no longer allowed to use applicators on her or remove her from your territory in any way. This is to avoid the potential of someone wanting to reverse breed with, let's say, a Sha-based Tigon, so they send a reverse breeding request, and the Tigon's owner then decides to remove her mutation while still accepting the request.

Each reverse breeding request requires 1 x Food Bundle, 1 x Nesting Material, and 1 x Toy Bundle. The fee that you pay is up to the lioness's owner, but these items are required to ensure that she gives birth safely and is properly taken care of.

Once your lioness has been successfully reverse bred, she is then placed into a stasis within your territory that forbids you from chasing, killing, nature reserving, raffling, sacrificing, trading, transferring her, or any other method one could use to get rid of their lioness or affect her in some way.

For a period of 8 days, she will be in this stasis, and you cannot interact with her or use any items on her. This period is calculated by 3 days of pregnancy and 5 days of nursing. Your lioness will age up along with the site's daily rollovers for each day within this period that she is in stasis, for a total of 8 days. Even if you (the lioness's owner) do not rollover, your lioness and her cubs will still age up.

This means that if you were to accept a reverse breeding request and your lioness is successfully bred, you can avoid rolling over for 8 days and your lioness will still age up. If she was 2 years when she was reverse bred, she will be 2 years and 8 months of age when she returns to your territory. Once her cubs are finished nursing and the breeding is done and over with, she will be available within your territory for you to do with as you please, and she will only age when you rollover - just as she usually would.

The buyer of the heat sale is given all of the cubs the lioness produces for that single breeding, once the cubs age up to 5 months. Whether there is a single cub or 8, as soon as the cubs are born, they are placed into a "stasis" and cannot be interacted with. The system automatically protects the cubs until they age up to 5 months, so you do not need to worry about your cubs dying due to low survival before they "make it home". The Aging Stone item can be used on your cubs to make them immediately available within your territory. It is up to the buyer to decide what they wish to do with the cubs after the breeding has taken place, but feature-wise, the cubs are the property of the heat buyer.

Once your cubs age up to 5 months, you will receive a handy Game Notification titled "Reverse Breeding Results" that links to all of your cubs for ease of convenience!


Key Notes
* If your lioness has any pending reverse breeding requests, you cannot change her appearance, get rid of her (by chasing, killing, nature reserving, etc.), sell her, or use any items on her unless you reject the request.
* If your lioness has 5 reverse breeding requests and you accept one of them, the other 4 will still remain as pending, for when she is off of breeding cooldown.
* Each breeding requires the following: 1 x Food Bundle, 1 x Nesting Material, and 1 x Toy Bundle. While the lioness is still in her owner's territory for the duration of her pregnancy and nursing periods, she cannot be interacted with, thus the bundles cover her leaving her owner's territory due to low mood or hunger.
* Each breeding lasts a total of 8 days: 3 days for pregnancy and 5 days to nurse. This is lowered to 5 days if an Instant Cub Delivery is provided.
* Once your lioness has been successfully reverse bred and she is pregnant, she will age up along with daily site rollovers which are independent from your own rollovers. Your lioness will not age up twice if you rollover - she belongs to the system during this stasis period. When she is done nursing her cubs, she will return to your territory and age properly with the rest of your pride.
* Just like regular stud requests, a lioness's reverse breeding fee has a required minimum of 25 SB per visible/unlocked marking. If your lioness has 10 visible/unlocked markings, her heat fee must be 250 SB minimum (if not using GB). If your lioness has 20 visible/unlocked markings, her heat fee must be 500 SB minimum (if not using GB).
* Breeding items attached to the breeding request will not be applied to the lioness until the breeding actually succeeds - just like stud requests currently function.
     - An exception to this is if a Black Stallion is attached to the request - the breeding succeeds on first attempt.
* All cubs produced from a reverse breeding are locked in "stasis" until they turn 5 months of age. As soon as the cubs turn 5 months of age (or an Aging Stone is used on them), the heat buyer receives a Game Notification informing them that the cubs have been delivered to their territory.
     - All cubs are automatically protected and are not at risk of losing survival chance until they age up to 5 months.
* Reverse breedings always use your king as the stud that is impregnating the lioness, meaning your energy gets used up for each attempt at breeding (whether successful or unsuccessful).
     - Limitations are still in place for hybrid kings, so you will not be able to breed with a non-Goddess lioness if your king is a Leopon or Tigon.
* A lioness can always be up for reverse breeding, but no breedings can take place unless she's off cooldown.
* Double Uterus lionesses are limited to one stud per pregnancy with reverse breedings.
* If a player sends a reverse breeding request, then retires their king, the request is automatically cancelled and all currency and items are returned to the requester's hoard.

Happy breeding, everyone!

Big Update Adjustments
* Breeding/studding requests now have a centralised page to manage both outgoing and incoming requests - View Breeding Requests


Pending Update
In the near future, we will add in the option to search for lionesses up for reverse breeding within the Crossroads Search area!

Coders will be sticking around for a while after this update is live to release any urgent hotfixes that may be necessary.


New Enclave Theme!
The gorillas from the Enclave have brought a new theme in from the zoos around the world. This time, it's the Great Indian Desert! This is the final theme from India - after this, we're moving East.

Thar Desert
White-Footed Fox
Indian Peafowl
Indian Wild Ass
Marwari Horse
Khejri Tree



New Items!
Some new crafting recipes have been added today!
50 x Nut Grass
20 x Large Leaves
100 x Large Rocks
Red Acacia Tree
15 x Large Leaves
20 x Uzara
20 x Underbrush

A few new decors have been added to the Floodpit as well!
Peacock Tree Frog
Blue Hawker Dragonfly
Giant Lobster Roach
William's Dwarf Gecko
Green Panic Grass



Small Updates and Fixes

All non-raffle background prices in the Gorilla Enclave have been lowered from 65 MT to 40 MT. Raffle backgrounds will stay priced at 200 MT each.

Art Fixes
* Scar: Wounded Left Eye was renamed to Scar: Wounded Eye
* Some applicator item art had a glow that was cropped on edges
* Spooky Mask for Adult Male Incubus Mane didn't have dark eyes
* Fuchsia base not working for Folded Ears / Teen Female stage
* Ahihia Bodypaint not showing up on Adult Male Incubus Mane
* Ahihia Tail Ornaments misaligned on Adult Female Jolly Pose
* Dinosaur Egg Nest was clipping over Teen Male stage
* Infernal mane base was typoed for Mane Noble, causing the mane base to not appear
* Fixed the wrong file being uploaded for Adult Male Tigon's Spectre base
* Fixed Foreground Roots decor having a rogue pixel line on all stages
* Patches (Striped) didn't have a cutout on Adult Female Default Pose's leg
* Shamanic Tarot: The Fool Body Paint clipping over Adult Male Razor Mane
* Shamanic Tarot: Empress Body Paint clipping over Adult Male Incubus, Katanga, and Sideward Manes, as well as using the wrong file for Adult Male Transvaal Mane
* Mossy Branch Mushroom Colony not showing up on Adult Female Snarky Pose
* Giant Charaxes not showing up on Adult Female Good Pose
* Mefistofelis not showing up on Adult Female Neutral Pose
* Jewelry: Carnelian Gem Headpiece not showing up on Adult Female Good Pose
* Sivatherium not showing up on Adult Female Jolly Pose
* Smitten Primal Kitten not showing up on Adult Female Jolly Pose

Art Updates
* Burnt Fur for Adult Female Poses and Cub Stages
* Expression: Fury for Cub Newborn and Cub Young Stages
* Jewelry: Jasper Adornments for Adult Female Poses
* Jewelry: Jasper Necklace for Adult Female Poses
* Muddy for Adult Female Poses and Cub Stages

We have also started tackling the last mutation updates! Teen Male Dwarfism has had all of their bases fully updated!

Remember that your browser stores images on your PC. To see updated art, you may have to clear your cache or hard-refresh the page to re-download the image!

Coding Fixes
* Lion results should be updated more frequently when searching in the Trading Center
* Quotes (both regular and smart) should work properly in the sidebar chat box's Legacy Mode
* Buying out a trade will no longer allow you to go into negative currency
* A pesky stuck trade will no longer cause all subsequent trades to get stuck and muck up the Trading Center
* Numerous clan raffle issues have been fixed:
     - attempting to award a GB prize would cause the raffle to be stuck
     - prizes with apostrophes in their names would eat Game Notifications
     - GB and SB prizes were not logged in their respective currency logs
* Patrolling submales can no longer be put up for trade (and submales in trades can no longer be patrolled)
* It should no longer be possible to breed with one single non-Double Uterus lioness multiple times due to lag/rapid clicking


Raffle Lioness

Congrats Niles (#163454)! You have won last week's Ruffian lady, woo!
A new Scoundrel lady with Royal Underfelt, Feline 6 Noctis, and the third Dindefelo Falls background is up for impressing in the Special Lioness area linked here!

jfkBzc.png gadmvwh.png qAvgcg.png

Shad has added new tags this week in the Miscellaneous and November categories!

Poll Results - Thank you all for voting for markings that are inspired by other animal species and crafted from their... remains. ;D There's a huge interest, so we'll be researching and designing. If you guys have great concepts for some, we'll be checking out the Game art: Eyes and Markings ideas subforum and start implementing some in 2020!

NEW POLL - We'd like to redraw an older background that visually bothers us, and we'd like to see if you'd support it being changed.
*If* the update wins, anyone that is upset with the change can submit a Modbox ticket for a refund of 200 SB per use remaining on the background.


Next Update: Community Update - November 22nd!
Next Big Update: December 13th!!

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