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The December event launches on December 1st at 00:00am LDT, and will end on December 31st at 11:59pm LDT. All unused event currency will be stored on your account until next year.

December Event - Winter, Giving and Pooping

It's the Season of Giving! You can smell visit other players' dens and choose what you want to leave: a nice gift or a smelly poop! Gifting and pooping can be done every day. The gifting and pooping cooldowns will reset each Wednesday and Saturday allowing you to gift (or poop) the same players again! A real gift (currency and items) will push the Gifting Bar towards unlocking the tiers of the Guelta, as well as raise your karma by +1 with each gift you leave. A poopy gift will raise the Poop Bar towards unlocking the tiers of the Mudpit and lower your karma by -1 with each poop you leave. Receiving poop isn't so shitty! You'll see why later.

Goodie Bags are disabled from gifting - you cannot leave them in other players' dens.

Remember that you can open your den gifts starting on December 25th 00:00am LDT and ending on December 31st 11:59pm LDT! Any unopened gifts will roll over to next year.

Note: Remember that you cannot ask for gifts or poops in any chat channel. You can advertise gifting/pooping threads in Sales Chat.

Both bars can be fully unlocked, so don't worry - one does not exclude the other! However, there is a third bar below them, and it requires both bars to reach Tier 1 in order to open! This bar also has 3 tiers in total - it's the Mantis Shop! Yay!



Stink Bugs?


Explore encounters this month have our typical poopy Lioden humour - we just go extra silly this month!

Stink Bugs are the currency for December's event. You can gather them from event-related explore encounters. Some of the encounters do affect karma, but not all of them! Poop bundles also have a chance of producing a Stink Bug when you open them!

You can spend your Stink Bugs in the Mantis Shop on all the fancy applicators and decors it contains, as well as the Pose: Jolly [F] applicator.


Event Specials!

The Advent Calendar
The two sets that we had available between 2013 and 2016 have already rotated twice, and we believe the decors are fairly available year-round via the market. In 2017 and 2018, we've added new sets that rotate as well! Previous years' decors may reappear in the game within a special shop if we see that there is a demand for them. This means that this year, the 2017 set is rotating again! The 2018 set will appear in 2020!

The Advent Calendar decors are completely free - you just have to log in and claim your prize under the EVENT tab! You are required to open them in order of release, but if you miss a day, don't worry - you'll be able to collect all of your prizes as long as you click them in order.

The Advent Calendar runs from December 22nd 00:00am LDT up until and including December 29th 11:59pm LDT, but we will leave it up until December 30th to make sure everyone gets a chance to collect their gifts.

Albino Serval
Rudolph the Lost Reindeer
Albino Porcupine
Albino Wolf Puppy
Cape Snow Bush
Chilly Wind
Canary Island Pine
Snowy Forest

* Albino explore encounters are a theme that we wanted to put in to celebrate winter, as most of our playerbase is from the northern hemisphere.
* The muddy/poopy encounters we've kept in year-round were added in this event a few years ago (Dirty Warthog, Elephant Dung, and Lion Scat). They're nothing new, but they're how this event started!
* The Mudpit items are still mostly smelly and useless... but, you can find some treasures as well!

Something Builds Up...
The winter in Africa is... not really wintery. It's summer there, actually. But most Liodenians (Liodeners? ) live in the northern hemisphere and we all love snow time! To somehow mix lion and player fun, something fluffy and white will appear very slowly, so as to not disturb the African feeling of the game. The more tiers that you open, the more of this white stuff will appear in Explore and in other places, but not too much, and not yet. And then the Snuhlions will appear in the dens.

Remember that the Wet Season lasts for the entire month of December!


New in 2019
* 6 new explore encounters, including ones that appear with snow tiers a bit later on in the month! Thank you for voting for them!
One of the encounters can drop a new decor!!
One of the encounters gives an achievement and two titles!
One of the encounters only appears if you've finished the Journey to Vredefort Crater quest!!!
* 4 new decors are in the Mudpit, in Tiers 1, 2, and 3!
* The poll winner, Frostbitten base, mane, and markings, are available in Tier 3 of the Mantis Shop!
* The Festive base that you guys voted for as well will be granted to you if you give 888 gifts this year to other players!
* Many new decors will be added to the Mantis Shop!
* A few older encounters have had their images revamped!


Here are the details for the new bases!


The genetics for the new Frostbitten base are Black Medium Solid Special!


The genetics for the new Festive base are Golden Light Solid Special!

Reptile Roundup Level Information (From 2017)
Starting from December 1st at 00:00am LDT, we are counting your generous actions made during this year! Based on your actions, the Reptile Roundup level and skins may unlock!
* Snuhlands - give a combined total of 666 gifts or 666 poops
* Albino Snake Skin - give a total of 666 gifts
* Mole Snake Skin - give a total of 666 poops


Enjoy butt.


Be sure to utilise our official Wiki to the fullest during this month!

NOTE: Please keep in mind that bases, decors, manes, and markings will appear within the Lion Wardrobe a little later into the month when you guys are closer to unlocking the event tiers; however the Festive base will appear in the Wardrobe right away, as the challenge (888 total gifts) can be fulfilled at any time!

We're interested in adding the Snowflake base (the poll's second winner) as a possible combo base. Stay tuned for December's big update on December 13th!

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Oooh these look great!

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That’s cool nice

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2019-11-30 22:08:43

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Yay December

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;0; The bases!!!

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2019-11-30 22:09:06
Love the Ice base

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Thank you! <3

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This is super neat!

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So excited!

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2019-11-30 22:10:37
I’m in love with the Frostbitten base.

Merry Christmas everyone

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2019-11-30 22:10:54

Dalton 🖤 Feline
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2019-11-30 22:10:54
I love it! The art updates are fantastic, and the new bases are GORGEOUS!

Are you guys looking for snowflake combo base suggestions?

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the demiurge dad and interstellar cubs got me crying tho they so cute

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2019-11-30 22:11:13
I can't wait to see what they do with the snowflake base

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