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Starting The Game

Welcome to Lioden! When you first start the game, you will have rolled for your lion's appearance and stats. Now it's your chance to build him up, establish his territory, claim lionesses for him and become the King of your very own jungle! Or marsh, or desert, or grassy area...

An important thing to note about Lioden is that crons run upon login, so if you are away for a week and do not log in during that time, your lionesses will be the same as when you left them.

Your Den is where you have an overview of your territory, your lionesses and cubs, your attack history, and you can change your account details here. You can also change what kind of tile your territory shows on the tile map for the hunting grounds.


The first bar you see at the right side of the layout is your energy bar, you need energy to explore and to fight other lions. If your lion is at less than 40% hungry, your lion will gain 10% energy every 15 real-life minutes. If you’re impatient, you can also buy a complete energy refill in the oasis.
The second bar down; the hunger bar, indicates how hungry your lion currently is. Feeding your lion lowers the percentage of that bar and 0% is the lowest it can get. In order for your lion to regain energy, the hunger bar must be at 40% or lower.
Please note that food items expire in 10 days. You can keep track of when they expire by looking at them in your Hoard, found at the top of the website underneath the site banner.
The third bar is the exp bar, and it shows you how much experience your lion has gained towards advancing his level. Once it hits 100% experience, you can go to your lion’s page and click the "level up" button in the experience section to level him up. Leveling up your lion increases his skill cap and boosts some of his stats, so be sure to level up when you can!
The last bar down is impression, and that is used for, well, impressing the ladies! Leveling up your lion’s impression gives him a better chance to attract lionesses. You can progress your lion’s impression level through battling, successfully claiming lionesses, and completing quests. Once your lion gets to 100% impression, you can level it up via a button on your lion’s page.

Your Lion

You can view your lion’s stats on his page. Your lion has the following stats: strength, stamina, agility, speed, smarts, and skill. With the exception of skill, all of these stats can be improved through leveling up your lion, sharpening your lion’s claws, or through consuming food. Skill may be increased by attacking other lions with the “skill” option selected. The stat section also shows how many cubs your lion has sired.
The “Currents” section of the page shows what your lion’s current age, hunger, energy, and impression are. See above for more information about these stats.
The “Experience” section of your lion’s page shows his current level, experience, experience to level (“EXP to level”) and experience needed to level up. When it comes time to advance your lion’s level, you can do so here.
If your lion has any heritage, this is the place to view it in. Click on “View Heritage” to see your lion’s lineage. If they don’t have any, look forward to starting a family line!
You can check on the details of your lion’s appearance here, including his base color, eye color, mane type, mane color, and marking type and percentage. You can also click on the customise link to customize your lion for GB!
This section shows you which, if any, decorations are currently equipped to your lion. To un-equip them, simply click the item name in that section and the item should pop back in your Hoard!
Have a story or notes about your lion you’d like to add to his page? Add them here, but note that they are visible to anyone viewing your lion’s page, and must abide to the TOS of LioDen.

Your Territory

You will start off with a territory size of 2 - this means you can have up to 2 lionesses in your territory. You will not be able to claim any new lionesses if you already have a full pride.
You will be able to breed new cubs, but keep in mind that if you have more lionesses and cubs than what your territory allows, you will not be able to claim any more lionesses.

You can purchase territory (or fight for it) for up to 20 territory spaces. After that, you can only fight for territory up until 40 spaces. Once you've hit the attack limit of 40 territory, you have to purchase the rest with Golden Beetles ("GB"). The amount of territory you can buy after that point is unlimited.

Your Pride (and Joy)

Your lionesses are used primarily for two things - hunting and providing cubs. You can see an overview of them from your Den.

You should interact with your lionesses and cubs daily to keep them happy, and make sure to feed them using food from your Hoard. If they reach 0% in hunger, or have gone 5 days without interaction, then they will leave your pride and you cannot get them back! Lionesses with cubs will take them with her if she leaves.

Getting Lionesses
The main way to gain lionesses for your pride is through the explore feature, which you can locate by clicking “Explore” in the navigation bar at the top of the site, and then clicking on one of the four explore areas (Water Hole, Savannah, Marshlands, or Dry River Canyon). While exploring, an event may come up that asks if you want to claim a lioness. If you click on the button that asks “claim lioness,” you will be taken to the page for claiming this lioness. Here, you can view your potential lioness and see your options to impress her. There is also an option to leave. If your attempts are successful, your lioness will appear in your Den as “Newly Claimed Lioness.” Congratulations; she’s yours!
You may also buy lionesses from other players or create your own custom lioness at the Oasis.
Lionesses will live between 15 or 16 years, though they will die for certain at 16. Adolescents mature at two years of age, so make sure you have a den slot or sub slot (for males) ready for them at at least 1.11 years of age, or else they will run away if there is no slot ready!
Female cubs are able to begin hunting at two years of age. Male cubs differ from their female counterparts, they will be automatically chased from the pride when they turn 2 years old unless you choose one to be your pride's sub-male. See the "Lion Death" section for more information on that.
Levels and Stats
Your lionesses, like your lion, have levels. They gain experience and stats through hunting; after all, the more you do something, the better you become at it! You can monitor their experience and progress towards the next level on their page. Once their experience bar fills, you can level them up. Leveling up increases your lioness’ chance of having a successful hunt, so level them up when you can.
Cubs start at level 1 and cannot level up until they are grown, but they do inherit stats.
Toys and food also have a random chance to increase your lioness’s or cub’s stats.
You can send your lionesses off to hunt for you by clicking on “Explore,” then on “Hunting Grounds.” There, you will see a map. Click the map to place your lionesses. You may place up to 5 lionesses per hunt and can select which lionesses to place from a drop down.
After you send your lionesses off to hunt, you must wait 15 minutes to see results. If you’re impatient, you can pay 1 GB to speed up the hunt. Once 15 minutes have passed, you can check back on the page to see which, if any, lionesses were successful, what they bought back (if anything), what stats they improved, and how much experience they gained.
You have to give your lionesses 1 hour’s rest before they can hunt again. Luckily, the 15 minutes you already waited count towards this hour. You can monitor how much time you have left on the hunting page.
Lionesses come into heat roughly every 9 days and remain in heat for 3 days. During this time, you may breed your lion to them to produce cubs. In order to breed, a lioness must be over the age of 2, have a mood of at least 80%, and not be more than 50% hungry. Lionesses are pregnant for 3 days, but take care to keep their hunger below 50% or else the cubs may be stillborn.
A lioness needs 20 days after giving birth to recover before she can breed again. After the 20 days have passed, she will immediately come back into heat and may be bred again.
Feeding Your Pride
Your lionesses and cubs over the age of 4 months will need to be fed. You can feed them by going to your Hoard and clicking on a food item, like a zebra carcass or a human leg. Food items rot after 10 days, so be sure to check on them in your Hoard so they don’t expire. Cubs will nurse for four days after birth and thus, do not need to be fed during this time period.
On your lionesses’ and cubs’ pages, you can see their mood level. To increase this, you can either interact with them on their page or play with them via a “toy” item, such as rat skulls or feathers, in your inventory. Both cubs and lionesses need to be amused or they may become bored and leave your pride.


When you visit any of the lands to explore, a number of events can happen.

* Find a lone lioness which you can then claim (if you have territory space)
* Find random and sometimes rare items
* Find some silver beetles
* Rest to gain some energy back
* Get into a battle against a wild animal ("NPC")
* Find and feast on a scavenged carcass, and regain some hunger


A large part of Lioden is attacking. You can attack another lion for one of three reasons - skill, experience and territory. If you are successful with a skill attack, you will gain some experience and a small increase in skill. If you are successful with a territory attack, you will receive some experience and your territory will expand by 1 space. If you are successful with an experience attack, you will receive a big bonus to regular experience gains from a fight.

A lion can only be attacked for territory once per day, and can only be attacked for any reason once every 2 hours.

You cannot attack a lion who is more than 2 levels below yourself. The defending lion will receive a defensive buff, so keep this in mind before attacking.

Lion Death

When your lion reaches 15 years of age, he will die and need to pass on his legacy. You can either choose one of your current male cubs (sub-males) to take over for him, or you may generate a new lion. You will be given the choice to keep your cub’s looks or to keep your previous lion’s appearance.
If your lion has been customized, you will be given the option to keep the customization for the new lion, or change the image based on the new roll.
Your stats, level and progress on your old lion will be stored, but you will start over again with your new cub, inheriting the cub's stats. However, your new lion if you choose not to use a cub will start off with all 5 stats like normal.


You are able to trade GB, SB, lionesses, cubs, items and carcasses via the Trading Center, found by going to "Explore" at the top of the site under the banner, and then down to "Trading Center".

You can choose to either create a trade that other members may bid on, much like an auction, or you can choose to transfer an item or lion/lioness to another member directly by clicking "Transfer Instead?" at the top right corner of the page.

Cubs can't be traded until they reach one year of age, and if you attempt to trade a lioness that has young cubs, the cubs will go with her! All decoration items on a lion will go with it as well, so keep this in mind.

If you have any further questions that have not been answered here, please consult the modbox found at the bottom of the site, or search through the "I'm Lost" section of the forums! It may have already been answered there.

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