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Hi, I'm Quills from Norway! I love hybrids more than anything, and I was lucky enough to be able to breed both a first generation leopon and tigon myself. I'm also looking to get more into raffle lioness clones and the general breed only aspects of this game. I try to keep things as casual and friendly as possible.

My dms are always open if you want to ask me something, whether that be asking about sales, advice, or just saying hi.

--> Recreating exctint raffle lionesses! <--

Started March 6th, 2023

I've always wanted to do a large scale breeding project, but as I have no creativity what so ever, I decided to just steal an old raffle lioness design and bring her back to lioden. Now this has evolved into a growing community dedicated to bringing back tons of stunning ladies who never got a chance to clone and spread around!
Thread for the project!

Current Target: March 9th, 2018 Anjeer

Come join the clan!

Completed Targets
October 4th, 2019 Noctis RL

Started Feb 23rd, 2022. Completed March 2nd, 2023!!!

--> First Generation Hybrid <--

Started Nov 5th, 2021. Completed January 31st, 2022!

First thing I fell in love with when I joined lioden was mutations, so naturally I love hybrids. Therefore I'm starting a Cotton Root Bark project that will go on for as long as it needs to until I get my first gen leopon or tigon. (I ended up getting both!)
Check out the now concluded project here!
Link takes you to a google document

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Male Slots: 2 / 2 Subordinate Males: Gen4 ebony 10.04.19 RLC
Newly Claimed Groupie
Frozen Slots: 5 / 5 Cave Slots: 4 / 4
There are 15 lions with mutations in Anjie VII's pride.

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