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Fly high CorruptedHyena, you will be remembered as an extraordinary person. You were so caring, and genuinely very nice. I never knew you personally, but I can tell you loved to make others happy. Including spending your own money to make a clan dedicated to spreading hybrids. Corrupted, may you find eternal love, happiness, and peace in the afterlife. You shall always be remembered by me.

You can call me Silent! I’m a very friendly person with a passion for animals. I’ve rescued cats before, one of them a diluted calico named Frida. I still attend school so if I’m not online, I’m most likely in class. I care after six bunnies in school! Their names are Licorice, Hershey, Cookies, Cheerio, Marshmallow, and Nougat (stud muffin). I’m pretty experienced in roleplay with animals, hmu if you’d like to roleplay! I don’t do any sorts of human roleplays.


A land full of cannibals…you think to yourself, those are the stories that are told about this territory. Pssh. You don’t care about folktales nor legends! After all, you are the leader of a large, healthy pride. You pad through burnt lands, dust flying up with each footfall. A crow soars past you, calling as it glides past. It turns back around towards you and begins pestering you, nipping and clawing at you with oddly sharp talons. You roar in annoyance, batting it down with a strong paw. The dark bird caws in pain as its pinned to the ground, and killed with a sharp bite to the spine. It’s muscles spasm at such a bite to the spine. You growl, continuing on, Dumb bird. You pad away, stopping midstep as the grass rustles behind you. The “dead” crow twitches, and opens its eyes revealing feline like pupils. The crow stands to its talons, flapping its wings. The crow shoots up into the air, faster than you could react. The crow caws at you with piercing yellow eyes. Rustles are heard in the tall grass and hundreds.. no thousands of crows shoot into the air, cawing in unison sounding like a lions roar. The ground shakes, is it an earthquake? Dust flys into the air as millions of herd animals with the same feline eyes stampede towards you. Zebra, buffalo, wildebeest, and even giraffes run to only you. You panic, turning tail and running in fear. The huge monstrous flock of crows stop you, redirecting you. The buffalos moo in anger, and the zebras bray in indignation. They circle you like vultures eyeing a carcass. They go silent, unmoving. You lift your ears, confusion filling you from head to tail. The herd animals move in unison, creating a pathway through the herds. A tall figure forms in the dust, flicking their tail. The crow you had injured previously landed on their shoulder. A beautiful lioness emerged, her rosettes almost hypnotizing. She pads closer to you, grinning gently. “Greetings, I am Queen Nzuri.” she flicks her tail waiting for you to bow down. You bow down, raising slowly. You avoid her eyes and she stares at you in confusion. “Your name?” she clears her throat, raising a brow. “The name’s *kings name*” you say, proudly puffing out your chest. “Well, *kings name* you should leave. Don’t overstay your welcome. The great Pheonix and her spirits don’t appreciate visitors.” she dipped her head to the crow on her shoulder. You raised a brow, but before you could ask Queen Nzuri waved her paw bye, and the murder of crows engulfed you into darkness. You woke up, where you had met the crow. Not cannibals, but lions and their ancestors. Interesting. you turn back around, towards your own territory. You look back over your shoulder where you had met Queen Nzuri, hopefully you two will meet again.. on second thought maybe not haha…


damn you read all of that
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Buzzkill Queen Nzuri
Level: 7 Branch: Hell's Depths
Stats: 696 Territory: 40
Lionesses: 23 Beetle Slots: 0 / 6
Cubs: 32 / 200 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 1 / 2 Subordinate Males: Altair ✮
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
There are 16 lions with mutations in Queen Nzuri's pride.

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