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Some stuff about me:
PST-One hour behind Lioden
I do go to school, so expect slower responses most weekdays
(also Sunday mornings, unfortunately)
I have a pet snake, he's the best boi
Love to rp, especially warrior cats!
I also like to read and play video games, so recommendations are welcomed!
I mostly play casually, but I do the occasional project.
I use a ton of the little emojis to help convey tone, sometimes I have trouble with that sorta thing


Silence echoed and bounced around, seemingly hovering on the teetering edge of something. A lone lion sat, watching the sky with anticipation, alone upon the ridge of a mountain. He didn’t seem to notice you, too consumed with watching the stars above. His grey coat had patches of white splattered across it as if he himself were trying to recreate the look of the heavens. A shaggy mane hid his face from sight but he shook his head softly as if snapping out of something and stood up abruptly. He shook his body once before beginning the slow walk back to the base of the mountain, taking no notice of you standing behind him in the tree line. He was a curious lion, and his curiousness peeked yours. He seemed king-like yet where was his pride? And so, with a brief thought for your safety, you padded down behind him, keeping to the bushes as best as you could.

As you made your way down, the lion in front of you begins to quicken his pace, glancing wildly up at the sky, as if confirming it was still there. Ahead the bottom of the ridge could be seen and the low whispers of other lions could be heard. The lion ahead began to slow down once again and made his way towards the feverish whispers, his tail flicking excitedly. He disappeared from sight, weaving through the bushes and into a small clearing ahead. You followed, hurrying your pace to catch up. As you lept over one last bush, a clearing was exposed to you. Many lions and lioness sat there, nervously whispering to each other, their tails twitching in anticipation. It seemed they were waiting for something and as the lion you had been following entered the clearing a collection of welcomes could be heard, saying ‘Welcome Lethe’ among other words. This must be their king then, King Lethe?

Lethe then walked up to the centre of the clearing where a small pool of deep blue water sat, not a ripple of it moved. This pool reflected the night sky perfectly, stars scattered across it in a complex pattern. As you moved further into the clearing, almost drawn by the pool of starlight, Lethe finally turned to look at you, his face almost gleeful as he strode closer towards you, stopping just short of a metre away. “Welcome to my pride traveller, I pray many blessings upon you during your stay,” He said in a silky soft voice, gesturing to you to follow him back towards the pool that shone like an endless sky amongst the water.
If you want more lore, go to my first cave: the endless sky

(reminder for self
- getting art from 324921, sent payment, haven't gotten sketches yet.
-perhaps might get a wip soon)

Level: 16 Branch: Beetle trophy room
Stats: 889 Territory: 39
Lionesses: 27 Beetle Slots: 3 / 6
Cubs: 15 / 195 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 1 / 2 Subordinate Males: Valoras
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
There are 4 lions with mutations in Lethe the forgetful's pride.

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