×𝐹𝑒𝒢𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇-𝐹𝒢𝓁𝓁×'s Den

This den has 21 lions that may leave soon due to their low moods or starvation!

Level: 9 Branch: +|Slyther's Cove|+
Stats: 863 Territory: 40
Lionesses: 40 Beetle Slots: 0 / 8
Cubs: 6 / 200 Grandpaw: β€”
Male Slots: 0 / 2 Subordinate Males: None!
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 2 / 3
There are 0 lions with mutations in ×𝐹𝑒𝒢𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇-𝐹𝒢𝓁𝓁×'s pride.

×𝐹𝑒𝒢𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇-𝐹𝒢𝓁𝓁×'s Player
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0 Pregnant Lionesses

Empty Cave Slot

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×𝐹𝑒𝒢𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇-𝐹𝒢𝓁𝓁×'s Recent Allies
played by Nix
Level 12 - 50 lionesses - 52 cubs
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played by ❀ π€ππžπ₯𝐒𝐧𝐞 ❀ |3x Ros|
Level 13 - 26 lionesses - 5 cubs
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played by Rhys
Level 10 - 45 lionesses - 19 cubs
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played by Mosasharkus
Level 5 - 50 lionesses - 32 cubs
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played by Towerofmistakes
Level 6 - 86 lionesses - 50 cubs
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played by LillianLockeheart
Level 6 - 20 lionesses - 22 cubs
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×𝐹𝑒𝒢𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓇-𝐹𝒢𝓁𝓁×'s Clan Memberships

!A! The Royal Court (RLCs)

*...Breed-Only Beauties...*

+ Lioden United +

.+ Food Pantry +.

.-Red Roaring Redemption-.

:Hard Mode:

Applicator Collectors

Avid for Applicators

β€’ Cult of Lioden β€’

‒●Ecstatic 4 Events●‒

✦ Gamers of Lioden ✦

✦ Special Bases ✦

✧|Raffle Muts|✧

✨️Only Specials✨️

Cold's Commodities

Color Me Impressed

Colorful Mutie Club

Community Care Center

Coven Of Blessings

CRB Mayhem!

Dark Crusaders

Dawn Of The First Gens

Decor collectors!


πŸ— Feed Lioden πŸ—

🎨Applicator Addicts🎨

πŸ‘‘Royal RLC PalaceπŸ‘‘

πŸ’Ž Rampant Rosettes πŸ’Ž

Endless River

Holy Hybrids!

Journey to Jaglions

Lioden Giveaways!


Lioden's Soup Kitchen

Lions Lovers

Little Devils

local thrift store

Lord of the Spirits

M.A.D for M.O.Ds

Midas's Touch

Money Hungry

Patch Mayhem

Patches,PatchesAndMore Patches

Pies, pies and more pies!

Pons & Gons

Ponyacci's Plentiful Pantry

Primitive Primals

Raffle Addicts!

Raffle Roulette

Real Good Raffles!

RLC Eden

Stud Buds


The Auctioneer’s

The Collector

The Dragons Hoard

The Hoard of Goodies.

The Rarest Beauties

The Soup Store

Tigon Team

King Dynasty

Pride Dynasty



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