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Hi! You can call me Tawny. I'm the owner of Studhub, and I'm an avid lover of blue and white lions. I've just completed a nine month long project to make my dream king, Shadriel! He's a 14 BO, G1 Harlequin, Snowflake-based beauty, and I love him dearly. My side account is where I have my 12.30.22 RLC stud, Vistrale. As far as I'm aware, the only active stud of that line. I make CSS in my free time for my friends or as free CSS. If you're interested in commissioning me, please click here!
I'm the owner of Studhub! Come join my clan!

Empyrean PRIDE Lore

Relating to heaven or the sky, in particular the highest part of heaven
Tiagian, the Creator's most darling warrior, always got what he wanted. Whether that be victory in battle or feasts in his glory, nobody could deny Tiagian anything- not that they'd even want to in the first place. The heavenly warrior was beloved by both his superiors and peers, and nobody wanted to see Tiagian's famously flashy smile turn into a frown. Of course, it was only natural that male and female angels flocked to him in droves, desperate to capture the divine gladiator's attention for more than a few moments. The proud male had plenty of prospects to choose from, and he seemed to change partners as often as he changed his hairstyle. However, Heaven's champion harbored a dark secret: He had entered into affair with the murderous she-devil, Veltara.
Veltara, the Devil's most flirtatious tease, had no trouble finding herself at the center of attention. She turned heads wherever she went, and it was no secret why. Out of every succubus in Hell, Veltara was by far the easiest on the eyes. Despite this, Veltara never acted vain or spoiled, even though she happily accepted tokens of affection from any suitor brave enough to approach her. Her besotted admirers followed her everywhere she went- even to the cusp of the battlefield. Demons and devil's alike would watch in awe as the crafty warrior would dispatch heavenly enemies twice her size with ease. Veltara happily flirted her way through her hellish home, but she never publicallytook a mate. Veltara's secretive nature sparked the wildest of debate and speculation when the clever demon mysteriously fell pregnant. Of course she'd never say who she'd been with... especially since her secret lover was Heaven's favored warrior, Tiagian.

Shadriel, the Divine Prince was a result of their infernal, holy union. Veltara had her son, a nephilim, in secret, keeping him hidden in an earthly cave and only visiting him when she could briefly slip away from her admirers. Tiagian would visit his son as well, but never at the same time is Veltara. The two vowed to never been seen together once their son was born. When her son was old enough, she snuck him into a school for ophaned devils, disguising his true nephilim nature. There, he would be trained in the demonic way of life, learning how to fight without impunity. However, he would disappear from the school for many sunrises and sunsets without a word, confusing his peers and mentors. Although, since he returned each time completely unharmed and with his fighting skills intact, nobody paid his absence much mind. During his vacations from hell, Tiagian would sneak his son through the heavenly gates, immersing him in angelic culture the same way Veltara had with the demonic ways of life.
As Shadriel grew from a cocky adolescent into a mature adult, he continued to impress his father and mother. Neither heaven nor hell could sense his true nephilim nature, accepting him fully into their respective societies. Due to his frequent travels between heaven and hell as an adolescent, Shadriel became unusually adept at traversing the mortal earthly realm. Neither demons nor angels had a natural talent for assimilating with earth-lions, creating a difficult barrior between the mortals and divine. Both the infernal Devil and the most holy Creator could recognize Shadriel's unique ability to infiltrate their enemies. Unbeknownst to the other faction, Heaven and Hell both named Shadriel as their Earthly Prince, in charge of learning more about the enemy's plans from the mortal lions who caught glimpses of their demonic and angelic neighbors.
The Holiest, Unholiest Prince took to his role incredibly well. He would speak to mortal lions on occassion, but most of his intel came directly from spending time in Heaven or Hell. Shadriel quickly fell into a rhythm- he learned just how much information to feed to Heaven and Hell to keep them quarelling without raising suspicion. Shadriel quite enjoyed his life as a double agent. The nephelim could eat, drink, and partake in other mortal sins as often as he pleased under the guise of playing the part of a mortal lion to blend in on earth. His heavenly father, Tiagian, doted on his precious son. He'd informally "adopted" Shadriel as a way to have a familial bond with his son without betraying their secret. Tiagian fully believed that his son had secretly betrayed his mother and was fully working for heaven's success. The champion warrior couldn't be prouder of his son, and he personally trained Shadriel to become a more powerful fighter. His infernal mother, Veltara, was deeply affectionate towards her son as well. She had also taken her son under wing in Hell, quickly accepting him into her close circle of incubi and succubi. His mother's companions happily taught Shadriel the art of teasing and flirting without actually giving anything away. Tiagian's tutelage and Veltara's social circle were instrumental in turning Shadriel into the unstoppable force he is today. The Divine Prince boasts impressing fighting prowess with similarly impressive social skills. Whether he is facing a diplomat or a warrior, there is little chance of defeat for Shadriel. He walks the earth with confidence, strength, and of course, a winning smile.

Awyr PRIDE Lore

The Awyr Pride sits in the tallest of mountains, so close to the sky that clouds brush by your whiskers. Once upon a time, the lions that lived in these sun-dappled rocks were loosely gathered with no definitive leader or pride. It was every lion for himself. However, one day, a lion with a coat the color of the sky arrived to unite the lions living here. This ancient primal lion, Sky Eater, has led these lions ever since with pride and nobility.


Sky Eater, an ancient primal lion, was revived by the gods for the sole purpose of uniting the loosely organized lions of the mountains. His rise to power was not easy, and he earned many battle scars in the process. However, he emerged victorious, and he gained the respect of all those under his rule. Sky Eater is a firm, but fair king. He will not stand for lying, cheating, or stealing amongst his pridemates. His queen is the elegant Juneaux, and he has not chosen an heir yet. His children are strong and beautiful, often sharing their father's blue and white coat.


Born to the Old King, Sky Eater, and his Warrior Queen, Beloved, Frost Light grew into a healthy lion despite his father's absent presence. His father, always busy with diplomacy and philanthropy, rarely had time for his own son. Even when Sky Eater grew old, Frost Light struggled to connect with him emotionally. He was frankly quite surprised when his father named Frost Light to be the heir to the Awyr Pride. Still, he vowed to lead his father's pride to the best of his abilities. For many of Frost Light's younger years, he struggled with the fact that he had inherited his mother's grace and not his father's commanding strength. Frost Light couldn't figure out how to capture the attention of onlookers without his father's booming voice and strong presence. However, as he grew up, Frost Light realized that his strengths lied in small, personal acts of good faith rather than in motivational speeches. Where his father would speak boldly to hundreds of lions, Frost Light would find the most needy of his peers and help them however he could. As a result, many prides still pledge their allegience to the Awyr Pride.

Box CSS Credits

Level: 18 Branch: 𓆩♑π“†ͺ
Stats: 838 Territory: 100
Lionesses: 70 Beetle Slots: 16 / 16
Cubs: 74 / 500 Grandpaw: β€”
Male Slots: 7 / 7 Subordinate Males: -mut rep
Bombay Veiled Brides
Primal Male
Frozen Slots: 4 / 5 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
There are 23 lions with mutations in Shadriel's pride.

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