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My Base Suggestion.
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My Tiktok: @dorkasaurousoflioden
My Second Annual Dream Heir Winter Raffle

My Lioden Goals

1. Have a G1 Stud [X]
2. Crown a king at over 500 stats [X]
3. Own a king with over 1000 stats [X]
4. Own a king with over 5000 stats [ ]
5. Crown at king at 1000+ stats. [ ]
6. Own a hybrid [X]
7. Have owned every kind of pie/patches. [ ]
8. Have owned a ferus. [ ]
9. Have bred a G1 Hybrid [ ]
10. Own a RLC [X]
11. Own an original RL [ ]
12. Win a RL. [ ]
13. Own a DU. [ ]
14. Sell a lion for 100+ gb in value [X]
15. Sell a lion for 200+ gb in value [ ]

About Me

Hello! I'm Dorkasaurous, however Dork is just fine. I am a 28 eight year old woman who started playing lioden in April of 2022. I currently working on breeding neutral toned, particularly Qahir, lions with high BO traits. I also greatly enjoy hybrids and RLCs.

Outside of lioden, I enjoy art, music, tabletop, LARP, world building, writing, animal husbandry, gaming... However, I think I am most content when cuddled up with my husband and fur babies watching a good show or reading a good book. I also enjoy community participating in community building activities when my chronic illnesses allow for it.

I am always happy to help were I can, and I am always down for good conversation. Feel free to DM me.

King of the Jungle Resilience
Level: 18 Branch: The Branchiest Branch
Stats: 1229 Territory: 100
Lionesses: 81 Beetle Slots: 0 / 6
Cubs: 27 / 500 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 4 / 5 Subordinate Males: ADOL M GROUPIE
Adol M Groupie
M Adol Groupie
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 4 / 4
There are 3 lions with mutations in Resilience's pride.

Resilience's Player
Member ID #277938
Dork [G1 Qahir Frail Pie]
Joined: 2022-04-19 14:08:33 Last Active: 2024-06-22 11:20:42

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played by ʚ🩷ɞ Tawny G1 Harley Snowflake
Level 21 - 105 lionesses - 139 cubs
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played by ThatofaRose
Level 19 - 18 lionesses - 8 cubs
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played by stormywormy|G1 8.5.22 RLC
Level 11 - 57 lionesses - 74 cubs
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*King Moonlight Glass 20M!
played by Brooke(*Semi-Active)!
Level 10 - 159 lionesses - 128 cubs
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Sunflare, Vessel of light
played by Kulten {G3 Sutekh Shreds}
Level 11 - 38 lionesses - 28 cubs
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played by Vi 🧁 | G1 Scoundrel x12 BOs
Level 13 - 41 lionesses - 41 cubs
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