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Hello!! You can Call me Amber

Welcome to our den! I am 28. My birthday is coming up July 29th!! My main focus is breeding Combo and BO based lions(Ra,Jellyfish, Elysian, Mistletoe, Snowflake,Nun,constallation) along with rosettes! ๐ŸŒธโค๏ธMy pronouns are She/she's They/them. I have been here on Lioden for over two years but took a hiatus for about six months in January of 2023,But I'm back!! I'm on almost all day off and on. It all just depends on my workk schedule. My inbox is always open. Please feel free to message me. I am always looking for new friends. Currently 800Gbs in debt trying to breed a Jaglion. T.T.

Sapphic Cador
Level: 22 Branch: Cadors trading company
Stats: 3093 Territory: 40
Lionesses: 16 Beetle Slots: 4 / 6
Cubs: 7 / 200 Grandpaw: โ€”
Male Slots: 1 / 2 Subordinate Males: Keep/Train
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
There are 6 lions with mutations in Cador's pride.

Cador's Player
Member ID #335721
¦G1¦Murky Demiurge|Tri Ros¦3k
Joined: 2022-08-16 14:17:27 Last Active: 2024-07-22 7:26:42

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Cador's Recent Allies

played by ห—หห‹ โ™ก หŽหŠห—Irisห—หห‹ โ™ก หŽหŠห—
Level 8 - 15 lionesses - 13 cubs
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played by Axe
Level 17 - 16 lionesses - 7 cubs
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played by LizBug0515
Level 14 - 34 lionesses - 27 cubs
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Edgar Allan Poe
played by Poe | G1 Fringe Cloudburst RLC
Level 11 - 77 lionesses - 46 cubs
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King, Cฮฑฮนษพฯƒ of pride
played by Dexter!
Level 6 - 19 lionesses - 38 cubs
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โ˜ผ P R A X I S โ˜ผ
played by sabrina | G2 NRLC ICE
Level 14 - 29 lionesses - 26 cubs
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