Jasper Falls's Den

(i f*cking love primals)

DMs are open feel free to talk about anything <3
DM me WINGS if ya want a fun fact or Melon for something better
Just good and happy vibes here :3

1) have 10GB [complete]
2)have 10k of SB [complete]
3) get one of every Primal [complete]
4) get a dwarf [x]
5) get any hybrid [x]
6) get any lethal [x]
7)get one of every mutt:
double uterus [x]
clawless [x]
eyeless [x]
poly-caudal [x]
tailles [complete]
toothless [x]
maneless [x]
OG teeth [x]
OG fur [x]
dorsal fur [x]
feathery [x]
frizzy [x]
fuzzy [x]
imperial [x]
noble [x]
scruffy [x]
shaggy [x]
silky [x]
succubus [x]
villous [x]
charred [x]
croupe [x]
dense [x]
fissure [x]
fringe [x]
frontal [x]
panda [x]
shadow [x]
spotted [x]
striped [x]
torn [x]
vernal [x]
wicked [x]
bisected [x]
broken [x]
clouded [x]
cracked [x]
dappled [x]
dorsal [x]
echo [x]
frail [x]
harlequin [x]
heavy [x]
light [x]
mottled [x]
natural [x]
overo [x]
scattered [x]
shreds [x]
slender [x]
subtle [x]
svelte [x]
symmetrical [x]
tobiano [x]
tovero [x]
withered [x]

(full pride lore in main's bio)
Loaf: my first and oldest king, the kindest of souls who couldn't hurt a fly
Jasper Falls: a lonely scared primal who was taken in by loaff and raised to be an heir to the throne, who now rules strictly but fairly.

If I am on hiatus I often won't update it here, most of the time it is due to mental health reasons or school, If you need anything at all feel free to reach me on Discord (i_made_my_choice)

*** Note to self lionesses can only be chases from 2-10 y/o****

been playing: since Oct 22, 2021
Longest streak: 5.5 months
Current streak: since Apr. 9th
This den has 6 lions that may leave soon due to their low moods or starvation!

Jasper Falls, the Untitled
Level: 8 Branch: Anything and everything!
Stats: 622 Territory: 45
Lionesses: 43 Beetle Slots: 20 / 23
Cubs: 61 / 225 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 3 / 3 Subordinate Males: Apollo-13
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 4 / 4
There are 17 lions with mutations in Jasper Falls's pride.

Jasper Falls's Player
Member ID #387943
Joined: 2022-10-22 15:40:47 Last Active: 2024-04-11 7:27:25

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Jasper Falls's Recent Allies
*King Moonlight Jellies 20M!
played by bcblaisdell (*G1Jelly Primal)!
Level 14 - 157 lionesses - 177 cubs
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Proioxis V
played by Proioxis V [G2 Subtle] 3X Ros
Level 11 - 66 lionesses - 18 cubs
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𝔉𝔦𝔫𝔡 𝔶𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔭𝔞𝔱𝔥
played by ❄Tweek Tweak❄[They/Them]
Level 5 - 23 lionesses - 21 cubs
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played by Kofi
Level 6 - 11 lionesses - 4 cubs
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*King Dylan Serger 20M!
played by Brooke(*Frozen)!
Level 16 - 161 lionesses - 174 cubs
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played by stylish frog
Level 1 - 2 lionesses - 0 cubs
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