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I'm Ramune. :3 Messages are always welcome. I love all things pink and adore tigons! **My side is frozen on and off at the moment. I can always be reached here but not as often there!


I am constantly going through CRBs to try to get a first gen Tigon. My CRB dens are always open for watching my progress! ** As of Jaglions being POTENTIALLY released in 2024, I am going to go full force on my project! All sales will go directly to mass CRBs. :3 Here's to 2023-2024 being my first gen year!

My faves;

- A friendly hello in my comment box! :3
- Cotton Root Barks / Lion Meats / GMO Cows
- All things pink!
- Energy Boosts / Meat Pies
- All things Tigon!
- Poop! I mean, that ragdoll set, am I right?! <3
- Please know my wishlist is also a note to myself on things I want to buy myself. Especially the expensive things! Iโ€™m ecstatic to get poop, gems, etc. as much as something more expensive. Taking the time to gift someone is generous no matter what is there!

Event Progress

??? Waiting for Jaglions!
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This den has 31 lions that may leave soon due to their low moods or starvation!

Astral Jelly Cake
Level: 13 Branch: Sticks n Stuff
Stats: 420 Territory: 240
Lionesses: 204 Beetle Slots: 8 / 11
Cubs: 282 / 1200 Grandpaw: โ€”
Male Slots: 2 / 4 Subordinate Males: * 3 FUCKING K WHATT
๐Ÿด‍โ˜ ๏ธ Swashbuckler
Frozen Slots: 1 / 5 Cave Slots: 7 / 7
There are 49 lions with mutations in Jelly Cake's pride.

Jelly Cake's Player
Member ID #46341
Ramune [BO Jelly Proj]
Joined: 2014-10-09 11:28:55 Last Active: 2024-04-20 5:48:05

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34 Pregnant Lionesses

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Jelly Cake's Recent Allies
Echoes Burning
played by Sprigatito G1 Deca
Level 9 - 202 lionesses - 118 cubs
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played by Ramune [G1 Banan Abyss]
Level 1 - 46 lionesses - 41 cubs
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played by Lilu | G1 Hexaplex RLC
Level 15 - 58 lionesses - 40 cubs
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played by Leggy {G1|Slender|Ra|17BO}
Level 18 - 55 lionesses - 34 cubs
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Mล‚โ‚ฆษ„โ‚ฎษ† ร˜F ฤษ†โ‚ตโ‚ณษŽ
played by โ‚ญล‚โฑคrโ‚ณโฑง
Level 28 - 185 lionesses - 431 cubs
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Lord Momonosuke ๐Ÿ‰
played by โ˜ ๏ธMonkey D. Luffyโ˜ ๏ธ
Level 6 - 33 lionesses - 46 cubs
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CRB Mayhem!

Crunchy Worm Consumers

Dawn Of The First Gens

Grandpaws of LD

Raffle Lioness Fanatics

Real Good Raffles!


The Collector

King Dynasty

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