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Hi there! I'm a long-time active player (with a minor 1-2 year long hiatus somewhere around 2018-2020) so I know a decent amount about the game. Feel free to message me whatever question(s) you have, and I'll be happy to answer when I can :) I may explore without answering for a while - I don't intend to ignore you for that duration, but I'm probably too busy to read but not too busy to tap the explore button, haha!

I'm open to receiving PMs regarding lion sales, even if I don't have them up for trade! My Raise n Chase cave is pretty much fair game, but I can't guarantee I'd accept any offers for ones in different caves. I promise to be polite about any inquiries as long as you extend the same courtesy! Desperation and frustration (i.e. begging, verbally abusing) are super uncool on both ends, and I prefer not to deal with it.

I play League of Legends - bet you couldn't tell at all from the CSS. I'm a Taliyah main, but I also play Ziggs semi-regularly as well. Haven't had much time to play in a while, though. Or motivation, for that matter! #bringarenaback


Crystalline Radiance by Ruu

Crystalline Radiance by MagicDream286

Advent by Duke

Envision by CHERNYSHOV

Envision by Space Spots

Envision by 卂rsene ⌠G2 Primal Frostbitten⌡

My profile pictures were drawn by:
Paletta #381756
Ilosi #115621
kidd #382893
TamperedJukebox #152244
Crowley #44061
Murph #205868
Perkon #76322
Crowley #44061
Ignited_Folk (they/it) #347601
Space Spots #308368
Arsene #379619
samael🌿[g4 nat lab] #237217
🐝 Ginger_Bee 🐝 #167127

(If you recognize your art within my profile pics uncredited, PLEASE let me know! My computer died and I lost all records regarding the names of who drew certain artwork for me.)

Level: 19 Branch: Supplies
Stats: 1435 Territory: 180
Lionesses: 156 Beetle Slots: 0 / 35
Cubs: 251 / 900 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 1 / 3 Subordinate Males: Groupie
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 7 / 7
There are 20 lions with mutations in Cosmic Embrace's pride.

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Member ID #97101
Terrinthia [G1]
Joined: 2016-09-05 05:20:25 Last Active: 2024-03-04 19:31:38

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15 Pregnant Lionesses

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Senua Hellblade
played by MissNightingale
Level 8 - 19 lionesses - 5 cubs
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Law The Unyielding
played by Shiftey
Level 7 - 65 lionesses - 14 cubs
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✧₊ Hades ₊✧
played by Espenfalls ✧ 9x Seal DR 1.9k
Level 8 - 16 lionesses - 28 cubs
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played by LoneWolf
Level 9 - 43 lionesses - 28 cubs
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Queen Durga
played by Durga (G4/clean)
Level 12 - 42 lionesses - 15 cubs
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played by 🧸|Bunny|🫧🐈‍⬛
Level 6 - 9 lionesses - 5 cubs
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