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Posted on 2021-04-30 00:32:53

Community Update
As we mentioned before, aside from event news and the 2nd Friday of the month being focused on coding/art updates all at once, all other Fridays are centered around the community!

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Official Lioden Raffle

LINK - This is our Official Lioden Raffle. Everyone gets a chance to win a rare prize, plus something extra for any runner ups. These raffles have a very minimal ticket price, and there is a limit of 1 ticket per account to make it fair! Good luck!
This raffle will automatically end on 2021-05-07 00:00:00.

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Wenet Claiming Fix

Apologies to anyone who had attempted to claim Wenet or a Wenet cousin, yet did not receive the prompt—this has been fixed! Upon visiting the page, you should now be able to initiate the claiming process. If you were able to double-claim, please submit a Modbox ticket to get this sorted out.

Eye Colour Fixes

Some Wenet cousins were being generated with "Sectoral Blue & Brown" and "Sectoral Blue & Green" eyes, which are nonexistent eye colours. They have been fixed and should now properly display with "Sectoral Brown & Blue" and "Sectoral Green & Blue" eyes.

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Wenet Cousin Pool Refresh Reminder

This is just a little reminder that, as announced in the April Development Update #31 news post, the pool of attributes found on Wenet cousins has received an upgrade! Keep in mind that the previous attributes can still be found on cousins—we've just enhanced the pool to add in more neat stuff!

Arabica, Asali, Dhahabi, Madagascar, Maziwa, Noctis, Rhubarb, Sahara, Umber

Hetero Blue & Brown, Hetero Blue & Green, Hetero Brown & Blue, Hetero Green & Blue, Hyacinth, Sectoral Brown & Blue, Sectoral Green & Blue

Mane Colours
Blush Rose, Cameo, Chestnut, Cremello, Dark Vanilla, Dikela, Ginger, Liver, Madagascar, Mahogany, Noctis, Ochre, Onyx, Persimmon, Qahir, Ruddy, Shedua, Tan, Vandal

Cinnabar Coat, Cinnabar Face, Cinnabar Points, Cinnabar Sable, Cinnabar Smudge, Cinnabar Snout, Cinnabar Margay, Dim Noctis, Noctis Cozy, Noctis Dapple, Noctis Inverted Brindle, Noctis Limb Patch, Noctis Margay, Noctis Patch, Noctis Siamese

Wenet and her cousins can be claimed on April 30th, provided you have finished all 10 storyline quests by then. They can be auto-claimed with 2 GB or Leopard Orchids if you would prefer not to take any chances! For more information, check out the Claiming Wenet (Or Her Cousin) page on the wiki!

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Raffle Lioness

Congrats Shantastic (#162844)! You have won last week's Bushveld lady, woo!
A new Nudar lady with all three Ginger Freckles (NEW!), Gold Dorsal Line (NEW!), and the eleventh Blue Nile Falls background is up for impressing in the Special Lioness area linked here!

Marking Note: White Dorsal Line is now possible to apply via RMAs/Total Shuffle!

Poll Results - Thanks for voting! The new May groupie-exclusive eye colour set is Hetero Cucumber & Saffron / Hetero Saffron & Cucumber. Once the May event starts and groupies are unlocked, stay on the lookout for these shiny eyeballs! :D

NEW POLL - We'd like to add more craftable decorations made out of Murex Shells, the neat items you can receive from completing the 50 lioness quest! What would you prefer to see: backgrounds, body wraps, or fantasy growths? Let us know!

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Next Development Update: May 14th!

Friday goofy doodle comic:


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Habsburg line
[Datrandomcat] (#196548)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:33:14
Woah news!

Edit: Oh my, I'm actually the first reply on an update post! This has never happened to me yet! So cool :D

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Kirobane (#27783)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:33:27
Yay news <3

какой-то (#189917)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:33:33

(she/her) (#228510)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:34:01
Yay news ^^ im so excited

polygoespurr (#230307)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:34:10
news news news news new s news enewsd neqad

🕊️Snowy | G5
ferus (#183123)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:34:18
Yay news! I love Fridays

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blueberry [side] (#208665)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:34:31
Sick thanks guys :D

Dalton 🖤 Strat
2xRos 3G Fer (#149557)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:34:33
YAAASY! So excited for Wenets I stayed up!

SketchyDodo (#207080)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:34:49
I was a few seconds away from getting first- but then realized my post was less then 10 letters haha! And hey, comic funnee heeehee

Night (#116886)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:35:42
This comic really got me

🖤 (#113314)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:36:02
Wenot- LMAO

yupsofair (#176217)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:36:40
maybe the real wenet's cousin was the fluffballs we murdered along the way?

Yuku (#154128)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:37:54
loving the new comic haha

Taka (#17591)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:40:56
looking forward to a cool wenet cousin

Fooxie (#228221)

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Posted on
2021-04-30 00:46:39
Wooo! Love the comic! Cant wait to see Wenet

I got Wenet and a not-potato cousin on my side ^^ I really like what i’ve got

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