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2022-01-16 09:48:32
Looking for non wide spread RL clones. Wanting to do barked heats next month. No idea how much they cost but gonna start with 20gb for a split litter? No temporal, soul, haze, wine clones. Only looking for cream, gold and red genetics.

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2022-01-16 10:13:10
Split litter usually doesn't really make sense for RL heats since crunchy rolls once per litter (Unless it's combo factor base or sth idk)

And to not offtop - I have two orchids if your'e interested. But I will be taking reseravtions only after February starts

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2022-01-16 11:39:30
im reserving heats for my clone for feb. shes the G3 clone of the 11-19-21 RL if you are interested in this girl i have a thread made for her heats with prices.