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2022-04-10 22:14:16
I heard that people can put their lions up for being bred. And I want to know how to do this and where you can find people's lions that are up for it. And I also want to know if when you put them up for breeding if you lose that lion.

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Posted on
2022-04-11 05:00:38
For kings, you simply have to set the stud fee you want people to pay. Then anyone who wants cubs fathered by king can ask you to breed their lioness. In this situation the owner of the lioness keeps the cubs.
You can request someone's stud by going to that kings page and paying the fee found at the bottom, the fee is removed from your accpunt and put in a kind of stasis until the king either accepts or rejects the request, at which point the money goes to them or returns, respectively.

For lionesses there is a button at the botton of their page to enable reverse breeding. In this case, the owner of the lioness sets the fee for another player to send a request that their lion can breed her. The lioness owner then can accept or reject the request same as a stud request, except the energy used belongs to the king who has requested the reverse breeding! In this situation the owner of the king keeps all the cubs. An additional thing to note for this type of breeding is that the lionesses will age daily regardless of whether you roll or not until the cubs have been fully weaned (ie. 8 days) at which point the cubs are sent to the owner's pride.

The best way to look for breedable kings and lionesses is using the search function, accessible via crossroads. There you can filter by open for studding/reverse breeding as well as desirable traits like stats, specific markings or bases

I think that's everything covered

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Posted on
2022-04-11 05:25:26
You do not lose a lion that is put up for reverse breeding. You do not get the cubs, but the lioness stays with you.