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Trouble Red Evans (#207630)

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2022-04-11 17:47:52
A breedable hybrid will reserve you ALL my currency along with all my Roasted Lambs and Lucky Feet from this month and any lucky feet I get along the way during next month

Current count:
10 Roasted Lamb
50 Lucky Feet

Updated frequently with correct count

Reserve for next month's event currency

I currently have 14 MB and plan to get quite a bit when the new month hits

1 = 1100

If you’d like I could take items these are what I’ll except
But don’t be afraid to ask about a item that isn’t here

Any Muties/Hybrids

A Leopon, Tigon, or Dwarf will reserve you ALL my currency for the entire month!!!
(Must be breedable)

Any pose=20 MB
Giant tortoise=30 MB
20x Kingfisher Feather=20 MB
20x Antelope hoof=20 MB
35x Imphepho=20 MB
35x stripped cacti=20 MB
14 toy bundle=20 MB
Dove feast=10 MB
Black stallion=30 MB

Don’t reserve what you don’t think you can’t pay for.

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Fxrswcrn (#167086)

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Posted on
2022-05-04 16:01:42

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