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2022-11-24 16:33:17
I really like this base. u_u
I don't know the reason,but this base didn't get any markings,so I made a couple of them.
Now they got some markings, but.. I don't like them. Sorry

Feline Applicator: Prismatic (?)
Feline 1 Prismatic & Feline 2 Prismatic

Feline 3 Prismatic & Feline 4 Prismatic

Feline 5 Prismatic & Feline 6 Prismatic

Feline 7 Prismatic & Feline 8 Prismatic

Feline 9 Prismatic

Prismatic as Rosette marking - Rosette,Soft Rosette,Heavy Rosette (?)

Random markings (:'D)
Prismatic Dapple & Prismatic Lace

Prismatic Cheetah & Prismatic Feralis

Prismatic Shimmer & Prismatic Maofelis

Prismatic Margay & Prismatic Mesh

Prismatic Mottled Fissures & Prismatic Mottled Vents

Prismatic Underbelly & Prismatic Valiant

Prismatic Splendor & Prismatic Flare

This suggestion has 96 supports and 1 NO support.

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Posted on
2022-11-24 16:58:33
Prismatic markings will almost 100% be released next year, since Dawn markings were released a year after the base.

That said, I really like Feline 7 through 9, Cheetah, and Maofelis!

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Posted on
2023-06-09 10:15:37
I really, really like the Prismatic Shimmer marking! The blue peets are one of my favorite things about the base and so I'm drawn to this one immediately. The felines and Valiant are also all lovely!

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