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2022-11-24 16:33:17
I really like this base. u_u
I don't know the reason,but this base didn't get any markings,so I made a couple of them.

Feline Applicator: Prismatic (?)
Feline 1 Prismatic & Feline 2 Prismatic

Feline 3 Prismatic & Feline 4 Prismatic

Feline 5 Prismatic & Feline 6 Prismatic

Feline 7 Prismatic & Feline 8 Prismatic

Feline 9 Prismatic

Prismatic as Rosette marking - Rosette,Soft Rosette,Heavy Rosette (?)

Random markings (:'D)
Prismatic Dapple & Prismatic Lace

Prismatic Cheetah & Prismatic Feralis

Prismatic Shimmer & Prismatic Maofelis

Prismatic Margay & Prismatic Mesh

Prismatic Mottled Fissures & Prismatic Mottled Vents

Prismatic Underbelly & Prismatic Valiant

Prismatic Splendor & Prismatic Flare

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Terrinthia [G1
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Posted on
2022-11-24 16:58:33
Prismatic markings will almost 100% be released next year, since Dawn markings were released a year after the base.

That said, I really like Feline 7 through 9, Cheetah, and Maofelis!