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2023-08-07 18:18:32
Hello, my name is Mal. I’m currently looking for a couple long-term roleplay partners for a specific type of roleplay. My pronouns are they/he, I’m in my mid twenties, and have been roleplaying for close to 13 years.

I have never really defined myself by a semi lit/lit/advanced/novella type writing style, as I tend to give what I get and can give more depending on how inspired I am for the roleplay at hand. Roleplay starters from me can vary between 5-12(or more!) paragraphs, while my more general responses can be anywhere between 3-6 paragraphs. The more invested I am in a topic, the longer my responses will be, basically.

I do have a couple rules. They are as follows:
1. I do not roleplay with anyone under 18. I prefer my partners to be at least 18 and up, but I strongly look for partners who are 20+.
2. I am expecting someone who will be patient that I will likely not be responding all the time. I have my own life offline, and would appreciate it being respected. I will try to respond at least once daily, however if it has been a couple days please feel free to remind me.
3. I am ok with ghosting, I understand we have all been there in one way or another. I know we don't always get along with everyone, and that's perfectly ok with me!
4. Roleplays will be done through Discord. I would prefer we chat some over Lioden PM's before exchanging Discord's, however! This is for me to see our compatibility.
5. I would prefer to roleplay with someone who gives me at least a paragraph in response! I do not accept one-liners.
6. I am extremely picky about ships and pairings, if you want to ship you must be willing to work with this. I do not do instant relationships, all relationships must be built and must have significant compatibility.
7. You must come to me with samples of your roleplaying, either a starter or a reply. I currently have a starter I am able to show, as well as a couple samples of work I have done outside of roleplay.

Getting into the fun stuff!
The main type of roleplay I am looking for right now involves use of the tupperbox bot on Discord. I am looking for a more modern setting, but with paranormal/fantasy elements to it. I am looking strictly for someone who is up for a collection of smaller roleplays underneath a larger, overarching plot. I emphasize utilizing the bot for primarily the usage of texting/instant messaging alongside the larger paragraph roleplays. Obviously when the smaller roleplays build into the bigger portion, the roleplay can resume as a typical roleplay. I am looking for this to be a gradual sort of thing, thus the long-term partner requirement.

Any roleplay must have an addition of paranormal or fantasy. I am very character and lore focused, and prefer well fleshed out worlds and characters above all else. I have experience creating several different types of fantasy creatures, and I have a preference for faeries, changelings, Gods, dragons, and humans with fun traits. I have a plethora of characters who are all flexible and can be adapted to different roleplays depending on who I think would fit best in specific settings.

I expect to plot extensively before we even begin to roleplay, I have some I can offer. If you have your own idea you’re dying to do, then please feel free to mention it. I am very open to other ideas anyone may have, and tend to emphasize equal character focus.

Please feel free to PM me or comment on this post if you are interested, and I will do my best to get back to you.

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Glitch Queen (#303288)

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2024-01-03 16:59:36

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Toby (#454164)

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2024-03-02 18:41:03
are you by chance still open?

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