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2023-08-07 18:18:32
About Me

Hello, my name is Mal! I'm an adult in my mid 20's, and I'm currently looking for a couple long-term roleplay partners. My pronouns are they/he, and I have about 14 years of roleplaying experience.

I don't really define myself by a literacy level. I tend to write back with how much I'm given, and opt for quality posts over quantity. Post length varies depending on the topic, and my starters can be up to 1,300 words or more. The more I'm given to work with, and the more inspired I am by a topic, the more you will receive from me, basically.

I will be bringing a starter example, as well as examples of other things I have written. I expect you to bring examples of your writing as well, so we may see if we'd be a compatible writing match.


I have a couple rules I'd like to outline as follows:

1. I do not roleplay with minors. I will only roleplay with those who are 18+. This is for my own personal comfort and preferences.
2. I will do my best to respond once daily, however reminders would be appreciated if it has been a few days. I can be very, very forgetful.
3. Ghosting is fine. I have no issues if you just aren't feeling it and decide to leave. I understand not everyone is compatible with each other, and sometimes we just don't feel it like we initially thought we would. No hard feelings!
4. I do not accept one-liners. I expect at least a paragraph in response.
5. I am extremely picky with romance. While I don't mind doing any pairing across any gendered spread, I refuse to do fast burn or instant relationships. Romance must be properly built or else I will refuse to do it.
6. Roleplays will be done strictly over Discord in a private server.


I will, honestly, roleplay pretty much anything under the sun. Dark themes don't bother me, I tend to prefer them in my roleplays in all honesty. I do have specific limits I will not do, which can be discussed privately. I'm naturally research driven, and love to research specific topics at hand to understand them better and make the roleplay more realistic.

I would prefer to do a fantasy or supernatural roleplay at this time. I can do any type of fantasy, between high and low, medieval and modern, etc. I am extremely character and lore driven and focused, and put emphasis on all of our characters getting equal attention and spotlight.

I expect to plan the roleplay extensively before we begin! Please come prepared for a lot of planning! I need a substantial base to work off of in order to roleplay, if you're looking to just jump right in and wing it then I'm not the person for you! You're more than welcome to bring your own ideas to the table, I love to expand upon ideas we both have.

If interested, please comment here or PM me! Thank you.

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Posted on
2024-01-03 16:59:36

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Posted on
2024-03-02 18:41:03
are you by chance still open?

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