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2024-02-12 16:52:12

You can order Custom adoptables from me on this thread! Customs are BRAND NEW characters, meaning I am not doing art of existing characters on this thread
This thread will run only until Feb 28th, and will be closed again until next year.

Before getting into it, I am ONLY accepting heart shells or USD as payment for customs. This is non-negociable. This is a sister post to my Feb OTA Adoptables thread. While on the OTA adoptables thread i sell adopts on set bases for various types of LD currency, I am only accepting heart shells or USD on this thread for custom adoptables. All customs created on this thread will have their own unique lineart in a simple art style similar to whats offered on my OTA thread.

I am only doing FERAL characters. Still don't have hands and feet down yet, sorry yall I specialize in felines, dragons/reptiles, cryptids, and canines but can do various other feral creatures as well. I will not be doing accessories on these customs, Just the animals themselves. This is also non-negociable..

- Be nice!
- Dont overcomplicate the descriptions of your character, please stay precise and to the point so that it is easy for me to understand what you want!
- no off-topic and unrelated chatter/spamming

Every custom has a set price of 450HS or $20, this will not change regardless of the complexity of your custom. USD payments can be done through Paypal or cashapp.

> If you are paying in Heart Shells, you are given until the end of the month to pay for your custom regardless if I have finished it or not. If i did finish your custom, I will message you to let you know and write you down on the SECOND comment of this thread as a "User who Owes". You will receive a heavily watermarked version of your custom until you pay what you owe; Once you are ready to pay, message me to let me know and I will send you a list of items to get from the HS shop as well as an unwatermarked version of your custom. Failiure to pay before the end of the month will result in a perma-block and the resale of your custom.
> For those of you paying in USD, you pay after I am finished with your custom.
Paying me upfront gives me MASSIVE amounts of anxiety & stress! So, PLEASE do not try to pay immediately.

There are THREE slots open at a time
When all slots are full, you are allowed to ask for a spot on the waitlist. you can still post a filled out custom form if the slots are full, you will just be added to the waitlist.

One more thing, once you receive your unwatermarked custom after paying in full, the custom is YOURS. You may edit or do with it as you please, so long as I still receive credit for creating the custom. I don't use toyhouse, so please credit my DeviantArt


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Posted on
2024-02-26 00:27:03
I used the long link(edited) if that does not work I will imgur the image ^^

And will do I will have the Barks ready whenever you ask for them ^^

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Posted on
2024-02-27 15:51:37
> Species:

> If your Species has special features, please explain. (Ex. Mohawk, wings, Horns, etc):Must have a horn, back hooves, a cloudtip on tail (can range from very similar to real clouds to many other things. Recommended traits include a mane (like those running down a dragon's back), and other cloud particles. Because this one is a nebulaseer (subspecies), halo + stardust (ie like constellations around their body in small effects)

> Gender, if important: Female

> Color palette (No moodboards): (markings and stuff) top and bottom are different color palettes, feel free to mix and match though! for the eyes, dark/light. (Base for the markings)

> Markings you Dislike: Stripes, spots, rosettes.

> Markings you like: In this case, I'd like a bicolor pattern, ie Van on face, colored tail, lighter coloring/ on back... Feel free to mess around within those marks though. Like starry patterns/glowy patterns? Blending.

> Anything else I should know about your custom? (if no, reply N/A)
Based on this kitty:
So liliac bicolor ragdoll- please adhere to her facial markings in shape. Some moon themes would be nice, as would be like, a cresent moon around the eye with less patterning. Within her bicolor pattern constraints, feel free to make a spacy theme.

>[OPTIONAL] Lore: This one is following a revolutionary, basically. TW; Mentions of a cult! This guy to be exact:

> Payment type (USD or HS): HS

Waitlist please! **can edit

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Peachily (#146569)

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Posted on
2024-02-28 23:51:25
Slots have been refilled!

Carnation, Winter_scars & Winter have been added to slots 1,2, & 3
The waitlist is officially empty! This thread is closed for any more custom forms!

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