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My amazing lore/territory description (you should totally read it btw) was written by the talented Chinook #212440

Rahmanu - not updated


Water. It echoes through your mind, driving you crazy. You don’t know for how long, but you’ve been trekking an infinite expanse of cream-colored sand mounds, the monotonous light shade making your eyes sore. Your paws are fatigued, your bones feel like they’re hollow, your body is laden from the scorching sun beating down on your back. You can’t remember the last time you had even the slightest sip of water. The dryness in your mouth makes it painful to inhale the hot air.
Your vision is blurry, but you notice a soaring dune, sticking out from the short sand hills. Around the bottom of it, there’s... shade! Shade, and what seems like beautifully green vegetation, offering a striking counter to the constant hue of the sandy landscape. There are many waterholes nearby, providing even more foliage. You begin making haste towards one of them, but, as you get closer, your vision clears, and you can see four temples resting in the shade at the foot of the dune. You gawk in awe at them as you approach, each one standing tall, beautiful engravings etched into the cut sandstone. Many small tufts of green jut up from cracks in the stone as you realize the vegetation you saw earlier blankets the base of each temple. You aren’t sure how you didn’t see them at first, either they blended in well with the dune in the back, or you were hallucinating. Probably the latter.
A loud snarl thunders through your ears, jolting your body and making you leap straight up in the air like a kitten. You bolt around, vigorously searching for the source of your scare, when you’re met face-to-face with a lioness.
She’s large, almost as big as you, pretty, too. Her eyes are a sleek gray that must harbor all kinds of emotions, but the only one you can discern is anger. Her pelt is a blend of varying hues - black, brown, white, and golden, combining together to create one of the most beautiful lionesses you’ve ever seen. Rosettes dapple her fur, adorned with golden wrist and ear trinkets and ornately wrapped tail ornaments. She wrinkles her muzzle, baring her large fangs at you. She curls her claws into the sand as she flicks her tail. You take a few steps back.
“Who are you?” She asks.
“A traveler,” you answer, “I mean no harm.”
She suddenly stands up from her defensive stance, her expression changing from aggressive to confused. “A traveler? Were you not escorted in?” She asks, looking around dumbfoundedly.
“No, I came here by myself.”
“Well, as long as you’re not here to hurt my pride.” She says, letting out a sigh. “I apologize for my entrance. Usually our patrols bring in any lone travelers with them, I assumed you were an intruder. What is your name, young king?”
You tell her, then she tells you hers. “I am Nefertiti. It’s good to meet you. Come, follow me.”
She leads you to a temple that’s smaller and more displaced from the other four grand ones. “Each one of our main temples sanctions lios based on rank. This one here is
used for the unsorted, the travelers stopping by in need of rest before heading off to continue their journey. This is also where you’ll be staying. The hunters will communally bring in food from time to time, and you may drink from one of the many waterholes around.” Nefertiti explains.
You suddenly remember your need for water, and you can feel your mouth becoming dry again. “So, I was supposed to come in with a patrol?” You mention.
She looks back at you. “Yes. We have ornamentally carved wooden posts that stick up high into the air on the outskirts of the territory. Travelers stop and wait by them, then on-route patrollers come and take them into the territory. You must’ve skipped by them.” “How was I supposed to know?” You ask.
“It says so on the posts. I understand if you missed them, they are quite far out.” She says.
You reach the entrance of the small temple. You peek through, noticing how much larger it looks on the inside. You’re surprised at the amount of lions there are, cubs, adults, adolescents, all having a seemingly great time. Some are sprawled out on the ground or raised sections of floor. Chirping cubs race by your feet, giggling and laughing.
“Oh, and one more thing,” Nefertiti says, “make sure to get all the sand off your paws before entering. Enjoy your stay.”

Icon art was done by #356156 <3

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