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Hiya folks! Welcome to my den page, feel free to stay and chat, or just chill! (Or stud-)
Side note: all of my lions are assigned a specific animal friend and a majority of lions have roles and bios!)
Fandoms I’m apart of:
LK(lion king)
Any Disney movie (some are exceptions, I’ve grown up watching Disney and going to Disney land/world for as long as I can remember. The live actions are ehh, some are decent)
Hazbin hotel
I’m apart of a lot of different ones, and I honestly can’t remember all of em TvT
But I’m always looking for new ones!!
Now welcome to my pride! Hope you have a good stay!
My pride is currently in rework concerning lore and the lions themselves, I’ve found a lot of good lore ideas so it will be in rework and I eventually want to use real places in Africa (I hope to visit some day, it has a lot of biodiversity and such AND THE SIGHTS ARE MAJESTIC MY GOD)

>Background info<
In the heart of the African savannah, there exists a mysterious, and odd pride of lions known as the Canopy Walkers, and at its center rules the mighty king, Zarbanu who is not only a powerful and revered leader, but also a devoted father and guardian of his pride. They have a sister pride that live north of them in a rather rocky terrain.(Lost valley pride)

>Current King<
Zarbanu is known throughout the savannah as the pride's protector and his humbleness. And he possesses an unparalleled knowledge of the fauna that surrounds their territory. As a father, Zarbanu is patient and nurturing, taking the time to teach his cubs the essential skills of survival in the Harsh wilderness. He imparts upon them the wisdom of his father and his father’s father before him, guiding them through the intricacies of Fauna and balance of life and death.

>Future King<
Zarbanu has not chosen a heir yet.


When it is said a lion is a 'Goddess'(or deity) it means they are possessed by said spirit and they are their presence on earth. They bare great powers, almost surpassing the pride King/Queen in superiority. A few cannot speak or see leading to them having to communicate through other means. Though a majority of the lions chosen are female, with rare expectations to males being chosen.
•Current deity’s: Fahari(Fire), Antler(Hyena),Angel(Treasure), Cloudy(River),Leafy(forest)•

Apprentices - also known as 'Apps' - are young, bright lions that are old enough for to learn about what their role is going to be in the pride. Any and all apprentices are treated with respect, but those who are learning to become soon-to-be Shamans or herbalists are treated with the up most respect.
•Current apps: n/a•

A forager's role is to collect items from the nearby territory. These may include; Underbrush, small carcasses, eggs. Foragers must be able to navigate the territory and come back safely. They are lower ranking lions/lionesses, but are still to be respected as they may have helped create the decorations that one is wearing.
•Current foragers:N/A•

A lion who tells stories of the past, Usally two or 3 of them 

•Current story tellers: Kitó •

A lion who trains other lions usually 4 of them
•Current Trainers:N/A•

The title Shaman is only given to the highest and the most skillful lionesses. They are given the job l to communicate with late pride members and spirits. Small shrines for the Shamans are dotted around The Great Tree to preform small rituals to keep the spirits happy. They are one of the highest ranking lions.
•Current shaman(s):N/A•

There are usually around two messengers at once. It is their job to send messages throughout the separate territories, so if one pride was to announce war, it would be the messenger's job to run over to the other pride and announce that to them. Messengers are have permission from the king/Queen to travel to other territories to bring messages, and figure out problems between prides and if a messenger is killed or attacked by other prides the messenger then has permission to fight back.
•Current messengers: N/A•

A role that consists of older lionesses that are either nursing or protecting young cubs, and this role can change to hunters when the lionesses duties are relieved.The mothers reside in a den called the nursery, and it is the most comfortable den in the located near the centre.Mothers are the most (sorta) important role, since they tend to the next generation of pride members and teach life lessons to cubs.
•Current mothers/caretakers:Ragdoll Baby,Fossil,•

These are the lion that are the most fastest and nimble of the pride. Their job is to keep everyone fed and excel at bringing down large animals, being extremely stealthy has its bonuses, they also help train spies in the art of fight or flight. (And stealthiness) They will always report to Zarbanu or one of his sub-males if seeing anything odd while hunting.
•Current Hunters:•

🍁Side roles/temporary roles (Less important)🍁:

There can be multiple cave guards at once, and they are there to stand outside caves and.. guard it. Obviously. (Guards may be subjected to change and will be bred)
•Current Guards:•

Elders are retired pride members that are sheltered from the intense weather by their own cave in the Cave of Cicadas, aligned with fresh moss weekly. Elders are relieved of their duties unless said otherwise by the king/Queen, and the Elders are a valued part of the pride that the leaders will often come to for advice. Some like cub others well…tolerate them.
•Current elders: N/A•

Nimble lionesses/lions who are trained specifically to stalk and ambush. They go to other prides or territories to spy and gain information to deliver back to the pride king. Often these spies are directed by the spirits, or occasionally a shaman will be notified by another animal about anything suspicious but usually from spirits are giving information to shamans. The spy den is nearest to the entrance of the center of the pride, and is called the vine grove.
•Current spy’s:Brim•

These are Zarbanu’s potential heirs. These are the males he trust to lead his pride or take over when he is absent on diplomatic mission or ill. He trusts these lions with his life, BUT to become on of his most trusted males, you first must win the respect of the higher up lions in the pride. So be careful what you say around them.
•Current Sub-males: Kitó, Ely•

🪨Pride Hierarchy🪨

Herbalist & Shaman Apprentices.
Apprentices (Excluding Herbalist & Shaman).

🌲Time Terms🌲

New-leaf: The season of Spring.

Greenleaf: The season of Summer.

Leaf-fall: The season of Autumn.

Leaf-bare: The season of Winter.

Moon: The time between one full moon and the next, spanning roughly 29 days; a month.

Moon-high: When the moon is the highest in the sky; about midnight.

Moonrise: The time when the moon rises.

Half-moon: About two weeks, half a month.

Quarter-moon: About a week.
Sun-high : The point during the day when the sun is highest in the sky: noon.

Sunrise: One day in cat time.

Season: A quarter of a year in cat time. Four season equal a year.

Heartbeat: Split second.

Claw-moon: When the moon resembles the shape of an unsheathed claw, equivalent to a crescent moon.

Sundown: Dusk.

Sunup: Dawn. However, Dawn is still used in some situations, such as 'Dawn Patrol'.


Meerkat Length: About the length of a Meerkat, approximately a yard.

Cub step/Cubs-Step: About the length of a cub's step. Approximately an inch or a half-inch.

Tail Length: About the length of a lion's tail, approximately a foot.

Rabbit Hop/Rabbit Length: About a foot and a half away.

Meerkat Length: About two or three inches.

Paw step: About the length of a grown lion's step, roughly six inches.

Tree Length: About the length of a tree, around 40-50 feet.

🌳Idiom Phrases🌳

(Only) Starclan knows (what): Sometimes used to answer a question that is impossible to answer.

As easy as swallowing a minnow: An easy task.

*As much use as a dead Jackal: Useless.

Bees in your brain/Bee-brain: Confusion or not making sense.

Crazier than a Jackal in a fit: Acting crazy.

Doesn't matter/Doesn't care so much as a whisker: Do not care. Or saying that a patrol did not catch anything.

I don't/wouldn't give a Hyraxtail: An exclamation meaning that the cat does not care. They are willing to do something for no real reward, or can also mean that a cat would be stingy enough not to share.

I'd have shredded you into Hyrax dust/Hyrax meat: To gravely injure, rip to shreds.

It's better to scare away a Hyrax than welcome a Honey Badger: An old saying meaning that it's better to scary away a friendly cat than welcome a not-so-friendly one.

May Starclan light your path/Banish all the fleas from your nest: A friendly term used to tell others they wish them well.

May the sun warm your back and the antelope leap into your paws: A blessing to wish good dreams or to say farewell to a passing loved one.

May you find good hunting, swift running and shelter when you sleep: An ancient farewell, saying goodbye to loved ones on their way to Starclan.

Once a — , always a —- : A harsh phrase used to describe a cat with — roots, implying they are disloyal and soft.

Sorry catches no prey/Sorry fills no bellies: Means cats can be sorry, but that will not change the past.

Stirring up a bee's nest: A cat is looking for trouble or starting it.

Leopards don't change their spots: Means that a cat doesn't change their nature.

That's a load of Honey badger droppings: Nonsense.

When Gazelles will fly: An exclamation style statement that shows disbelief that a certain event will likely occur, used in many variations.

Who made dirt in their fresh kill/nest?: A phrase to describe a cranky or suddenly moody cat.

Who ruffled their fur?: Similar way of saying “who got under their skin?”


Bat-blind: An insult to a cat's eyesight.

Clean-paw: A insult used for someone who sticks to the rules closely.
Hyenafood: (Harsh) insult comparing the recipient to rotting prey animals, or suggesting that they eat it.
Dormouse: An expression or exclamation used against a cat who sleeps a lot.
Drypaw: Cat that dislikes getting wet.
Dungface: Harsh insult; poophead.
Feather/Minnow/Hyrax/Flea/Hare/Rabbit/Toad/Fuzz-brain: Can be friendly or harsh; small minded, silly.

Fishface/Fishfur/Fish-breath: An insult used against Leopards.

*hyena-breath/Hyena-hearted/Snake-hearted/Snake-heart/Snake-tongue: An insult insinuating the recipient is cruel, cold-hearted or evil.
Furball: A friendly yet harsh insult.

Hyrax-breath: Insult used to intimidate someone.

Hyrax (or hyena)-hearted: Cowardly.

Hyrax fodder: An insult describing that the cat is worthless or a kittypet.

Pain in the tail: Irritating or lazy.

Scaredy-Hyrax!/Scaredy-finch: Referring to a cat who is easily frightened.

Smart-ears: Friendly insult - brainy, show- off.

You fight/hunt like a kittypet: An expression used to insult or tease a cat who fights/hunts poorly.

Curses and Exclamations

Frog-dirt and fish-guts: Describing bad luck: “Damn it!”

Frog/Fox/Hyrax/Hare-dung: A harsh exclamation (like “damn it!”).

Great Starclan!: An exclamation used to signify extreme surprise or anger.

How in Silverpelt?/What in Starclan?: An exclamation used meaning “How in the World?”

In all the Stars: An exclamation of shock or amazement.

Starclan's kits: An exclamation of surprises or disbelief.

Thistles and thorns: Describing bad luck: “Damn it!”

🌿Event Stuff
Reminder to grind for…🌿

🪶January: Primal MoD, Lion Meat, Giant Tort🪶

🪶February: Buffies, Scrots, Yoh Barks, Apps🪶

🪶March: Leopard Tails, Ivory Base,
Nacre Base🪶

🪶April: Roasted Lambs, Egg Yolks, Roasted Vultures🪶

🪶May: Scrot, Red Bull🪶


🪶July: Nice decor/BGs, Apps🪶

🪶August: BUFFIES, GoPs🪶


🪶October: Apps, Dove Feast,SoD, Angelic Blessing, CRUNCHY🪶

🪶November: Decor, PIETY, Giant Torts,
Apps (?)🪶

🪶December: APPS, BGs🪶

🌿Mutie Goals
Get at least one of every Mutation (88/97)🌿

🍃PIES (6/29):🍃
Bisected [], Broken [], Clouded [X], Cracked [],
Daedal [X], Dappled [], Dorsal [], Echo [X],
Frail [X], Harlequin [], Heavy [], Light [],
Magpie [], Mosaic [X], Mottled [], Natural [],
Overo [], Scattered [], Shreds [], Slender [],
Splash [], Subtle [X], Svelte [], Symmetrical [],
Ticked [], Tobiano [], Tovero [], Withered [],
Wrapped [X]

🍄‍🟫PATCHES (2/21):🍄‍🟫
Charred [], Corrupted [], Cross [], Croupe [],
Dense [],Fissure [], Fringe [], Frontal [],
Mantle [X], Murky [ ], Nebulous [], Panda [],
Plumage [], Rift [], Shadow [], Spotted {],
Striped [ ], Torn [], Uneven [], Vernal [X],
Wicked []

Double Uterus [], Mane Feathery [X],
Mane Fluffy [], Mane Frizzy [], Mane Fuzzy [],
Mane Imperial [], Mane Noble [],
Mane Ruffled [], Mane Scruffy [],
Mane Shaggy [], Mane Silky [],
Mane Succubus [], Mane Villous [],
Mane Whiskered [], OG Fur [],
Maneless [], OG Claws [], OG Teeth []

Achromia [], Blind [], Bobbed Tail [X],
Clawless [], Dorsal Fur [], Dwarfism [X],
Eyeless [], Folded Ears [], Melanism [X],
OG Tongue [], Polycaudal [], Tailless [],
Toothless []

Cleft Palate [ ], Conjoined Cubs [], Cyclopia [],
Extra Limbs [ ], Harlequin Ichtyosis [ ],
Lipomatosis [X], Sirenomelia [ ], Two Heads [ ],
Deaf [ ]

🪵PRIMALS (2/5):🪵
Basic Primal [X], Primal (Felis) [X],
Primal (Ferus) [], Primal (Smilus) [],
Primal Fangs [X]
🪻HYBRIDS (0/2🪻
Leopon [], Tigon []
Base Goals

☘️ Exclusive NCL Bases ☘️
Asali [X]
Dhahabi [X]

🍀 Combo Bases 🍀
Rose Gold

🌾Special Breed-Only bases🌾

🪻Applicator bases 🪻

Lone Wanderer Zarbanů
Level: 12 Branch: No branch!
Stats: 362 Territory: 40
Lionesses: 36 Beetle Slots: 3 / 6
Cubs: 19 / 200 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 1 / 2 Subordinate Males: Slate 8 ely
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
There are 14 lions with mutations in Zarbanů's pride.

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Onyx^Keeper of peculiar things
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