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2016-12-20 14:46:41
1. Poses/cubs missing decors - things are being updated, please be patient! We try to update a bunch every month!

3. Decors don't fit to my mutated lion! - Decors work for universal lions only. They are not fitted for mutations. You can commission an artist on Lioden's forums to create a custom decor version of official game decor for mutation of your choice.

Update: There's a system being worked on for our team to start producing/matching some popular decors to mutations in near future.
Please refer to this post!

Pending decor update list:
- Bone Crown
- Elephant Tusk Headwrap
- Feather Crown
- Fur and Feather Headwear updated!

Anything not listed here would be considered an "Art Bug"!

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2023-08-10 10:33:10
Note to myself based on user report, on Luster marking:

The white extends to the nose tip/bridge on the following ages/poses/muts:
- Default/Adult (m & f)
- Adolescent (m & f)
- Cub (m & f)
- Evil
- Snarky
- Primal Adult (f only)
- Primal Felis (f only)
- Primal Smilus
- Leopon Adult (m & f)
- Leopon Cub (m & f)
- Tigon Adult (f only)

But the white does NOT extend to the nose on the following ages/poses/muts:
- Cub Young (m & f)
- Cub Newborn (m & f)
- Jolly (very very faint gradient, almost unnoticeable)
- Neutral
- Kind
- Good
- Primal Adult (m only)
- Primal Ferus (m & f)
- Leopon Cub Young (m & f)
- Leopon Cub Newborn (m & f)
- Leopon Adolescent (m & f, might be there technically but it’s barely noticeable)
- Tigon Adolescent (m & f)
- Tigon Cub (m & f)
- Tigon Cub Young (m & f)
- Tigon Cub Newborn (m & f)
- Tigon Adult (m only)

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