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The March event launches on March 1st at 00:00am LDT, and will end on March 31st at 11:59pm LDT. All unused event currency will be stored on your account until next year.

World Wildlife Day

March 3rd is World Wildlife Day, and with that, we want to honour what we may lose if we don't fight for it as a civilisation and as a whole. Every day should be Wildlife Day.

As the global restrictions are being removed, poaching numbers are slowly raising again, mainly on private reserves which are less protected. However, the arrest numbers regarding poachers and traffickers are raising visibly, and it's heartwarming knowledge (Source 1, Source 2).

These stats indicate the poached numbers are not raising yet, but are stable. We hope to help with bringing them down!

With this news from 2022, it looks like poachers can really start to panic now - poachers can be identified from DNA left on elephant tusks.

We celebrate the chance, but it's a dynamic process. We want to keep supporting the fight against poachers, which never stops, no matter what happens in the world.

We've gone from being a small browser game made by three people in 2012 to a growing, sizable company. We've shifted more from just silly encounters to educating our playerbase and participating in conservation efforts where we can. This is why this subject is important for us, and we'll speak of it bluntly. Forgive us for the gruesome words or descriptions. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the world.

Many poachers will brutally hack the entire face off a rhino with axes while the animal is still alive to ensure they get the entire horn as well as a "serum", as it is worth more.

Thankfully, a new technology may help to save rhinos in advance by 3D-printing the horns from the same materials and injecting them into the market, in the hopes that it would cause poaching to die down.

There have been reports of chips and probes being inserted with a toxic dye that renders horns useless for poachers. Thanks to a suggestion, we included an event encounter a few years ago that references this, even though it's a rare occurrence.

Rhinos are a symbol. We're trying to raise awareness about many endangered, vulnerable, and threatened species of mammals, birds, lizards, arthropods, plants, etc.

Living our everyday lives might not seem to be any help in a big fight against such a seemingly-endless problem. It may not occur to us when we drink our morning coffee, drive to work, or play a video game, that we can actually do a little something to help people who are professionally prepared to fight against mass animal massacres. We can give them a hand and share what we have with them, as well as help by spreading the word around the world. Helping to save lions, rhinos, elephants, and all other endangered animals lies within our hands as well.

Black line separator.

March Event - Anti-Poaching

The Anti-Poaching event creates an opportunity for you to defeat poachers in Explore, gain Prevent Points to unlock a secret area, and help defend Africa!

What's great is that the wandering poachers have randomised encounters AND some randomised outcomes, too. This adds a lot of variety to your choices! But, be careful - if your level is too low, you might not stand a chance against a large number of poachers! You will be ensnared instead of being able to fight. Poachers have left traps everywhere!

Choices made when killing poachers or shooing them away will affect your karma!

Prevent Points are gained for a public bar unlock, but you may notice that you also gain "RB". These are Rhino Beetles, a special event currency specific to March! Hold tightly onto them until the shop is unlocked!

Poachers aren't only lurking for lions within Lioden; they've already done some evil. You might stumble upon the results of their wrongdoings in Explore as well. It may be horribly sad, but it's horribly true in real life as well. This is what real life is, and it's just as upsetting. We want to raise awareness, and we want you to be prepared for these tragic times.

Oasis Reminder: Remember that from March 1st 00:00am LDT until March 31st 11:59pm LDT, a unique "Aging Injured Persian Fallow Deer" decor will be available to purchase in the Oasis!

Black line separator.


We're supporting a charity that's close to our home: Tusk - LINK.

At the end of March, as in previous years, we'll donate a portion of our March income and share a screenshot from PayPal.

We still very much support and cheer for IAPF. If you'd like to learn about them and their dangerous, hands-on operations, visit them at their IAPF Facebook page!

We'd like to point out their project, a female-only ranger unit called "Akashinga" - LINK - how awesome is that?!

Black line separator.

Event Updates for 2023

As tiers are unlocked, new rewards in the Black Market will become available, including a special base applicator and matching mane colour and marking applicators. You might also see some fresh encounters pop up as tiers unlock!

African Penguin

Ader's Duiker

Pondo Poison Pea

Poacher Cloth Wraps

Lone Amani Sunbird

Blue Riverjack

Bale Mountains Tree Frog

Crested Servaline Genet

Faux Lemur Fur Bodywear [Ring-tailed]

Faux Lemur Fur Bodywear [Black]

Faux Lemur Fur Bodywear [Brown]

Faux Lemur Fur Bodywear [Golden]

Faux Lemur Fur Bodywear [Sifaka]

Guarding Rangers

Abijatta-Shalla National Park

Bénoué National Park

Destroyed Jeep

Downed Helicopter

This year, we are presenting the Atlas base. It will come with a mane colour and a set of markings. Its genetics are Cream Medium Solid Special and it is tied to Sandy skin.

This base is our tribute to extinct Atlas Lion.

This year, we're also releasing previous year's mane bases to match the sets:
- Ivory Mane
- Chatoyant Mane
- Nacre Mane

Black line separator.

Refreshed Art

Due to Explore Rehaul being worked on, some older artworks for this event had a retouch!

Black line separator.


We're reminding everyone in advance that Tier 2 will unlock a special, rare encounter that will guarantee you receive a unique breeding item. Mukombero's effects, coupled with special breeding circumstances, will let you produce a cub with the Primal (Ferus) variation.
Unlocking Tier 3 will boost the encounter's rate of appearance!

Good luck, and good night!

Be sure to utilise our official Wiki to the fullest during this month!

Black line separator.

Poacher Chase Minigame

This year, we see the return of Poacher Chase, a reskin of August's Fire Escape! It will be available in the Games section of Crossroads. Once a day, you will earn Prevent Points and Rhino Beetles for sending scores in Poacher Chase!

For those unfamiliar with the game, this sidescrolling infinite platformer will speed up as you progress. You have to jump over obstacles and collect Rhino Beetles! We advise you to get used to the game's pace before you decide to send your score - it's worth it to practice first.

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NEWSSS!!! Love the new base! Excited for poacher chassseee

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so so glad for awareness like this <33 as an ansc major this event just hits close to home

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News! Can we all just take a minute to appreciate all these amazing organizations dedicated to taking down Poachers?

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yay news!! nice updated art

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ey, thanks for the news. a somber topic but an important one nonetheless. keep it up, being informative is great /gen

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My favorite minigame again, finally

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Going to destroy all these poachers and bury their skin in elephant dung

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Ayyyeee the new base looks so cool

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Yay newssssssssssss

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i forgot to spend my heart shells :(

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Poacher cloth wraps 👀

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i think its really nice that you guys support anti poaching so much

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So when it comes to killing or shooing poachers, which will be bad karma and good karma? Because I think I'll take the risk of a hit just to put down some of them.

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