-LOCKED - Surprise Quality of Life Development Update #60!
Posted on 2023-09-15 23:31:09

Quality of Life Updates

Surprise! A second Development Update this month - read on for more details!

Beetle Tweaks

Feed All Play All now adds a new feature: the ability to use Feed All for your beetle larvae! In your mounds, if you have the Feed All Play All tool active, you can now see a panel to choose herbs to feed, and it will feed as many larvae as you have herbs for in one click.

In addition, mound overviews now show the hunger percentage of any larvae you have, so you can easily tell whether they need feeding.

We have also added the ability to select beetles to mass-move them between mounds, similar to lion management in caves.

Hopefully managing your battle beetles should be a bit easier going forward!

Den Tweaks

The player profile information on den pages has changed a bit! We have added a "Create Trade" link so that you can directly create a trade with a player from their den page. Adding this link caused that section to be quite crowded though, so we reorganised the section a bit.

We have separated out the "Block Member" link from the rest so there are no more accidental clicks, and it can be easily found - alongside separating out sending a friend request! Love or hate members, these options are now easier to find.

With this, we have separated out the wishlist from gifting, so if a player has turned off their transfers, you can still view their wishlist.

When a player has disabled their comment boxes (or you have disabled your own comment box), it should no longer show any notice on the page to help keep things clean and tidy.

Lions that have just entered the pride and are on a cooldown before they can be traded or chased have a new icon to quickly show this in a player's den (and caves).

When a player has the "Disable Custom HTML/CSS in Dens" toggle enabled, this setting now extends to disable HTML/CSS on beetle mounds, branches, and caves.

Oasis Tweaks

A new Oasis item - the Random Marking Replacer is now available for sale, combining the functionality of a Marking Remover and the Random Marking Applicator in one item. This can be purchased for 2 GB.

The Random Marking Applicator item artwork has a new look to bring it more in line with the Total Shuffle and the new Random Marking Replacer. We have made a minor edit to the artwork so they are visually linked to one another while still being distinct.

The Marking Replacer item has been repriced and can now be purchased for 4 GB (the cost of both a Marking Applicator and Marking Remover).

Speaking of the Oasis, we noticed it was time to reorganise here a bit as well! We have moved several items that are primarily decorative from the Gameplay section to the Decoration section. We have also created a new Poses section to separate out the Pose applicators from the other items.

Moved from Gameplay to Decoration:
* Scar Bundle
* Tigers Eye
* Lab Test Frog
* Argan Oil
* Translucent Jellyfish

Moved from Gameplay to Poses:
* Pose: Evil [F]
* Pose: Good [F]
* Pose: Kind [F]
* Pose: Neutral [F]
* Pose: Snarky [F]

Lion and Lion Page Tweaks

"Gender" has been changed to "Sex" to better reflect the biological nature of the label, and to bring the lion page into line with other areas of the game.

You can now import other members' lions into the Lion Wardrobe! The button you see on your own lions can now be found when you visit the lions of other players, including their pride leaders.

Breeding items used on lions are now displayed in the notices on a lion's page; they have been grouped into the same banner and now display the item name along with the effect.

Stud slots are back on king pages. We apologise for the oversight on this and understand that it must have been frustrating to have to click into the stud requests page to see how many stud slots you have left. As another minor tweak, the stud requests link has been moved to the header bar of that table of information.

Additionally, fertility levels now appear in the dropdown when choosing a lioness to submit a stud request for. If you have a lioness's fertility percentage revealed, her fertility percentage will display within the stud request dropdown; otherwise, it will just display her fertility category.

Lionesses with the Double Uterus mutation that are bred for the second time during one pregnancy no longer consume the Buffalo Scrotum or the Grain of Paradise on that breeding, if the king breeding to her has one applied. This is because the cub numbers/litter size are already calculated on the first breeding. Hopefully this will prevent any items being wasted.

Miscellaneous Tweaks

All crafting recipes have had their descriptions edited for consistency and to reflect the item name changes made in September Development Update #59.

An issue where comments would sometimes not be posted within comment boxes has been fixed.

Giant Tortoises can now be mass-consumed, similar to other Experience gain items.

Speaking of Experience items, all items that grant Experience are now unable to be used on Grandpaws, to try and alleviate issues of players using items on their Grandpaws instead of their pride leaders.

You can now purchase Tackweed and Chasteberry in bulk from the Fertility Snake on the Questing page.

The chat room has received a new feature: highlighting your own comments. This is an optional setting that can be toggled on or off within the settings gear. You can pick any colour to use for your highlight, including the option to colour pick from anywhere on your screen. This highlight can only be viewed by you to make your own comments stand out in chat if desiredβ€”other players cannot see your comments as highlighted.

The hunting prey list now displays the hunting tile image for each biome.

The Lion Wardrobe has had one minor, but heavily requested change: the "Only show owned decors" checkbox has been renamed to "Only show owned items". When checked, this will also filter out the background list to only backgrounds you have in your hoard, instead of just decors.

The pride dynasty now has a new field that indicates how many rollovers until a record will expire. This will hopefully help you guys be sure you're saving the records of your most important pride members before they disappear!

To help prevent mistakes, the Gorilla Enclave has a new popup confirmation prompt when gifting cubs in for your quests - this prompt should also show you the name of the cub you are attempting to gift, just in case of misclicks!

Similarly, there is now a popup confirmation prompt when purchasing raffle tickets using items.

The option to block transfers has been moved from the "Transfers" page to a new "Settings" page (https://www.lioden.com/trading_center.php?p=settings) within the Trading Center. The interface has been streamlined to allow you to quickly pick which types of assets you want to allow to be transferred to you. Additionally, the option to block private trades has been added.

Black line separator.

Official Lioden Raffle

While this isn't a Community Update, we didn't want to leave out a raffle for a second week!

LINK - This is our official update raffle. Everyone gets a chance to win a rare prize, plus something extra for any runner ups. These raffles have a very minimal ticket price, and there is a limit of 1 ticket per account to make it fair! Good luck!
This raffle will automatically end on 2023-09-22 00:00:00.

Black line separator.

Raffle Lioness

Congrats to the winner of last week's raffle lioness!
A new Majivu lady with Lilac Roan (NEW!), Onyx Burmese (NEW!), and the third Flowering Lake Bisina background is up for impressing in the Special Lioness area linked here!

Marking Note: Henna Burmese is now possible to apply via RMAs/Total Shuffle!

Poll Results - Thank you all for voting on last week's poll! The classic gold and white seems to be the winner for the New Years sparkle decor colour palette!

NEW POLL - What is your preference for the next Black Friday decor set theme? Let us know in this week's poll!

Black line separator.

Next Development Update: October 13th!

There is no comic this week, due to this being a second Development Update!

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Yay shiny new stuff!

Edit: Oh my, first!

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Edit: AA So many awesome updates<33 Thank you for working so hard on this game

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Hi everyone .....

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yoo update

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News yayy!

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Yay news ^^

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Never been this early to news lol

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So early πŸ‘€

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First! Yay news

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