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Stuck Locked Necessary Information for Bug Reports
Posted 1 year ago by Katze
Posted 1 year ago 0
Posted 7 years ago by Xylax
MatheusEdu7B (#87181) replied 1 year ago 0
Lioness Personality Vanished
Posted 17 hours ago by Starweld
Posted 17 hours ago 0
Lionesses stuck in a pregnant pose
Posted 3 months ago by Kuarami
Vamrachiere (#99108) replied 4 days ago 4
"Fake" Challenger Achievement
Posted 5 days ago by Sam (Cream Base G1 King)
Posted 5 days ago 0
[FORWARDED] Equipper: Some Decors not Displaying
Posted 2 years ago by Shad
Comatose (#75570) replied 3 weeks ago 30
Decor not showing on lion main page cover
Posted 3 months ago by ARMIN!{clean ivory 5x rosette}
🌸 CrowKiller (#181579) replied 1 week ago 1
Custom decor disappearing on retirement
Posted 2 months ago by ✧Cryptid✧ [Clean G2 Pie]
Posted 2 months ago 0
Litter Loss Notification
Posted 2 weeks ago by Aurelia_D {5k Ice 3xRost Pie}
Liger_Zero {Scoundrel} (#20920) replied 1 week ago 1
Paused Tutorial
Posted 2 weeks ago by RazorDragon
Posted 2 weeks ago 0
King Showing As Deceased
Posted 2 weeks ago by Roxanne #BLM (Cinna Margay G2)
AScreamingGay (is cold) (#95247) replied 2 weeks ago 2
Lots of chaseds?
Posted 2 weeks ago by Fiona
Posted 2 weeks ago 0
Site Loading Issues
Posted 1 month ago by Fletcher
Nightcutter (#52052) replied 2 weeks ago 5
April Fools Mugshots bugged: Duplicated Lineart
Posted 11 months ago by Mad Hyena
Mad Hyena (#29080) replied 7 months ago 1
Olive eyes in the wrong search section
Posted 9 months ago by keettweet (frozen, PM 70738)
Fern [side] (#163971) replied 2 weeks ago 1