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2024-01-28 14:13:42

Main Roleplay Thread


I am NOT excepting any new character sheets for a bit, probably until the beginning of march.

If you break the rules and post without my approval, your character sheet is automatically rejected. Please, all you have to do is read my rules beforehand.

This keeps happening and it's frustrating to deal with.

Remember, please pm me your character sheet and a roleplay sample before you post here so that I can approve you.

Using this form would be appreciated:

Age: (in moons)
Personality: (you have to include a couple negative traits to go with the positive ones.)
Appearance: (you can do a written description, or art/a picture)
Mates/Love interest: (can be a simple yes or no, or something more detailed.)
Mentoring: (would you like to mentor an apprentice)
Other: (anything interesting about your character)

A note about kittypet/loner/rouge characters: Currently, all main characters must be from Shadowclan, or from one of the small splinter groups formed after Shadowclan's fall.
There can be side characters that are loners, rouges, or kittypets, but you have to pm me first like a normal character sheet.

Past a certain point in the plot, characters that aren't from Shadowclan or the splinter groups will be allowed, but that won't be for a while.

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2024-01-28 14:51:51
Name: Owlstar
Rank: Leader
Age: 53 moons

Personality: He’s a very stubborn, prideful cat. He’s the type of guy who believes his way is the only right one. He’ll take suggestions and criticism, but when he’s really set on something, like what apprentices get certain mentors, or what patrols need to be done, he’s willing to argue the point for hours on end. Usually, this doesn’t cause too many problems, but combined with a short temper and excellent fighting skills, things can go bad somewhat quickly. Luckily for Owlstar, his stubbornness extends to his friends. If he likes a cat enough, he’ll do almost anything to keep them safe and happy. He’s somewhat charismatic, enough so that cats (if they don’t hate him) will respect his opinions, and follow his orders. He’s helped in that respect by his somewhat intimidating appearance, and, of course, his title as leader and the nine lives that come with it.

Owlstar has a short, thick coat, which is usually kept somewhat well groomed. He had large ears, and a slightly bigger muzzle, with a ruff of fur surrounding his face. He’s a brown mackerel tabby, but he has some lighter ginger markings around his eyes, and paws. Like his namesake, the great horned owl, he also has small tufts of fur sticking up from his eartips. He has a few small scars here and there, but Owlstar prides himself on ending a fight quickly, which helps him avoid more serious injuries. He’s something of a big cat, and the fur only makes him seem larger, which he’s only too happy to use to his advantage.

(spoilered for length)

Mates/Love interest: Owlstar’s open to both toms and she-cats as a potential choice of mates, although he does tend to prefer toms. Somewhat contrary to his stubborn nature, he likes a cat who isn’t afraid to question his opinions or challenge his decisions. (Up to a certain point) He’s mostly ambivalent towards the idea of starting a family, if his mate wants it he’ll happily go along, and do his best to be a good father and all that, but he is worried about whether his status as Pineclan’s leader will keep him either too busy or put him in too much danger. He doesn’t want any kits he might have to be constantly worried that he’d die in battle.

Mentoring: Owlstar has never thought of himself as a good teacher, but he isn't opposed to the idea, especially now that he could chose exactly which kit it could be.

Other: He holds onto his love of frogs from his Shadowclan days, something that his friends (especially hemlock) tease him about. He hates being called a bird-brain, and often got into playfights with the other Shadowclan apprentices over the insult.

He loves climbing up into the trees and simply looking down on the camp, watching his clanmates go about their days. He finds it soothing to watch, at least when everything goes to plan, and can often be found relaxing atop the leader's den or up in a tree.

He finds it hard to leave his deputy to their work, as he is a firm believer in "If you want something done well, do it yourself."

One of his best friends is Hemlockshade, who he's known since kithood.

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Posted on
2024-01-28 15:38:15
Name: Nettlesnap

Rank: warrior

Age: 24 moons

Personality: An incredibly jealous cat with a spiky exterior, finding it hard to befriend older cats. He rarely tries to socialise by himself, usually only having conversations if others walk up to him. Tends to get along with cats around his age or apprentices. He usually only befriends one cat and just sticks around them, defending them even if his friend is in the wrong. He relies on tones and body language to determine the emotions of others and being unable to do so scares him. Nettlesnap is sensitive to any kind of criticism and fears that others look down on him, probing him to seek confirmation and kind words whenever je does something, which eventually led to him becoming overconfident and reckless.

Appearance: A dirty grey tom with a thin, small build and a long pointed tail. A dark stripe runs down his back to his tail and he has dusty brown front paws with a softer shaded underbelly and a white patch on his upper chest just below his neck. His sharp yellow eyes are contrasted by dark grey stripes on either side of his head. - IMAGE - (MY ART)

Backstory: Previously a rogue, Nettlesnap joined Shadowclan in hopes it'd make hunting easier. He joined a few bit after the collapse and has taken a while to actually trust the other cats. Nettlesnap had an unfortunate upbringing in the barn being raised only by his mother and 5 older siblings. The tom was the runt, the weakling, the one that almost always died. Being constantly outmatched by his siblings he developed a fierce desire to prove himself, becoming bitter and secluded. When he was around 10 moons his mother brought back tainted prey, poisoned by the nofur farmers that had recently claimed the land he and his family lived on. The poisoned prey was eaten by his siblings before he could even get a bite, nothing new. The next day he awoke to a cold cave, staring at the empty bodies of his kin. At the time he hadn't known what happened and his first instinct was to panic, but he eventually came to his senses and ran. Ran far away from the farmland till he found some place familiar. A barn! The sweet scents of hay had felt welcoming to the young cat, pulling him in. Nettlesnap resided in that barn until adulthood. Beavers from the near lake came, slowly chewing away at the massive oak that stood proudly over his home. He thought nothing of it. Till one fateful day a storm hit, knocking down the tree. The flaming oak collapsed onto the barn whilst Nettlesnap had been sleeping at the back, yet he somehow narrowly escaped with only a few burn marks.

Mates/Love interest: Interested in toms and she cats, not too interested in romance but wants a partner that matches his energy or won't get (too) offended by his teasing.

Mentoring: too young, would be a shitty mentor so nope

Other: Maybe a lykoi/siamese cross? Or just a weird cat. unusually small.
has an.. unusual fear of baby birds? who knows. he says they look half-digested. refuses to eat weird textured food.
Ts - Art is dead (Bo Burnham>>)

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Posted on
2024-01-29 17:29:07
Name: Palewind
Rank: warrior
Age: 27 Moons
Personality: Palewind is a rather shy cat, she can be out going at times and very social when she is comfortable around other cats. She tends to overstep her bounds and will sometimes meddle in things that don't or shouldn't involve her. While she is a very caring cat if she thinks if any situation where a fellow clan mate was injured for a dumb reason, she will not hesitate to say that. She is quite indecisive about quite a lot of things and will become agitated if she is told to rush her decision on something. That being said Palewind is quite observant as well, which may also be why she oversteps in other clanmates business. She can also become irritated quite easily especially when she has it set in her mind that someone thinks a certain way about her.
Appearance: Palewind is a light cream colored cat with green eyes, she has an average height with smooth silky fur
Backstory: Palewind lead a rather....average life, she grew up with her mother (never knowing her father) and discovered Owlstar and his clan and decided to join, she had an interest in being a warrior and learned their way of life
Mentor: Perhaps at some point in the future
Mates/Love interest: She likes both toms and she cats (PM me if interested)
Other: N/A

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2024-01-29 20:10:41
Name: Deer'Heart

Rank: Healer?

Age: (in moons) 34

Personality: (you have to include a couple negative traits to go with the positive ones.) kind yet snappy with a loud voice and light paws

Appearance: (you can do a written description, or art/a picture) coming soon

Backstory: An abused kittypet whom understands dog and is pretty durable ( more soon )

Mates/Love interest: (can be a simple yes or no, or something more detailed.) none

Other: (anything interesting about your character) she was blinded at 3.5 moons old, she is a Tortishell cat with what used to be sage green eyes

She is also a verry open cat when asked otherwise she stays quiet

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Character Sheet:


Rank: Warrior
Age: Thirty moons of age
Gender: Female

Regal and noble, this is a feline of impeccable ShadowClan breeding, coming from a long line of supreme warriors of their previous clan. Carrying herself with an air of grace, Morningecho is a she-cat who is confident in her abilities, yet manages to remain humble, always offering a paw of assistance or a word of advice to her clanmates. Particularly fond of the kits, a trait she inherited from her grandmother who had multiple litters in her time, Morningecho is an only kit and thrives off spending time with the queens or apprentices in her spare time, living vicariously through the childhood she never had the chance to experience. Determined and dauntless, Morningecho isn't afraid to get her claws dirty, throwing herself head-first into potentially fatal situations for the sake of her clan. Loyal to a fault, she was groomed in her youth to be the perfect warrior, having large pawprints to follow and high expectations placed on her by her mother, and all that she does was in the name of ShadowClan, and now in the name of PineClan instead. Born amongst the turmoil, stability is something unknown to Morningecho, and peace often makes the she-cat anxious, as she never truly knows when everything will erupt, and all that they fought tooth and claw to build, would cease to exist.
Morningecho is a grey she-cat with darker points, with marbling stripes and spots hinting to her rosette-patterned lineage. A uniquely shaped dark spot centers her chest, mimicking  a heart, and similarly, a crescent moon is upon her left cheek. As she came into her adult moons, the white on her body began to grow and spread, creating splashes of white marring her beautiful pelt. Her coat is thick and fluffy, especially around her cheeks, and her ears are tufted. She's a well-built cat, yet moves with the liquid ease of a female that was raised to fight for her life, and to ensure her survival if she couldn't rely on any others. Her eyes, a pale blue, appear almost periwinkle in the appropriate lighting, a trait inherited from her grandfather. A few scars litter the she-cat's fur from the multiple attempts on her life, a story written into the very fabric of her skin.
Generationally, the cats in Morningecho's family had paired with cats of their equal, seeking to continue a family lineage of refined, honed warriors of exceptional skill. This tradition had momentarily been skipped, for her grandmother had been a gentler female, and had mated for love with a high-ranking male. Her great uncle despised this, a male who thirsted for power above all else and therefore tried to kill his sister's new mate to control her life, however, their love persevered and Morningecho's mother and uncle were born moons later after struggles to conceive. Before long, her mother established herself as a notable warrior in ShadowClan, and met a male that perfectly complemented her, and thus came their singular kit, Morningkit, continuing the old traditions of their maternal side. Things were becoming unstable within ShadowClan, and her mother began to groom her only kit to ensure her survival, desperate that her only daughter wouldn't perish in the fighting that began within the unstable clan. Sooner or later, each member of her family sacrificed themselves throughout the long moons that followed her birth, the first being her elderly grandmother who had fought her own brother during an attempt to grab for power, ambition driving him to attack his own niece and grand-niece during his efforts. The last, was her mother, who ensured Morningecho would have the chance to escape with Owljump when the other clans sought to drive them out. Sacrifice, death, and heartbreak followed Morningecho like her own shadow, yet it forged a she-cat with a will of iron, and the determination to not only survive, but to succeed.

Unmated, Morningecho currently doesn't have any interest in her surviving clanmates, however, a dark part of her, inherited from her grand-uncle, yearns for a tom that would possess her, and produce a powerful bloodline together. These urges are suppressed and ignored, for they are a reminder of the horrors of her family line, one of great ambition and darkness.

Morningecho has a case of vitiligo, that grew throughout her apprenticeship to cover a quarter of her body.
She possesses a secret love for decorating and collecting things, especially pretty feathers, the dried skin of various animals, and even mosses and rocks. She wouldn't confess such a vulnerability to anyone. However, it's believed that she learned this from the cats of her kittenhood. Her grandmother had a pet pebble, once.
Her favorite prey is crows, if she can ever get her claws on one, not out of enjoyment for their flesh but for the novelty of outsmarting her prey. Otherwise, she has a love for frogs and similar prey for their tender meat.
Morningecho is a character with generational trauma, and from a family that twisted itself up until a snapping point. 
Her mother was named Hailfire, and her grandmother was known as Skyfall, who was a notable queen during ShadowClan and known for her soft nature and loving heart. They belong to StarClan.
Her great uncle, Silentstorm, was a possessive, twisted, ambitious tom who yearned for power above all else, even seeking a mate that would give him strong kits. He belongs to the Dark Forest.
Morningecho struggles with these two sides of her family line, a difference between siblings. Skyfall was maternal, gentle-natured, wise, and loving, whereas Silentstorm was vicious, short-tempered, cruel, and ambitious. Finding the balance between two natures that were groomed into her, fighting the trauma of her bloodline and the horrors she faced during the downfall of ShadowClan. 
She's just a silly little traumatized bb

[ Character belongs to me, art done by xHRABANx on DeviantArt ]


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Posted on
2024-01-30 00:02:18
Name: Hemlockshade

Rank: warrior

Age: 42 moons

Personality: Hemlockshade is best described to be a morally gray character - someone who does things based on his personal beliefs that may not always align with what is right. He's a independent cat who exhibits traits of being stubborn and someone hard to get along with because of his demeanor. He carries himself with confidence that can be seen as arrogance, and his dry humor can make others see him as rude. However, Hemlockshade is never intentionally rude or offensive to others unless they've done something to deserve it. He just have a certain way about him that cats either like or dislike.

Appearance: Hemlockshade is a pale, cream colored tom with black markings throughout his coat. Some of these markings create lines, whilst others -specifically on his sides- create oval shaped markings. He has a slim but muscular body, and dark, lidded green eyes. He also has scars; such as a notch in his left ear and a scratch on the side of his muzzle that ends on his cheek.

Backstory: Hemlockshade grew up in Shadowclan alongside his brother, Yewpaw. He saw the previous leader of Shadowclan as rather incompetent for the role, and when everything went bad, he wasn't particularly surprised.
With all the fighting, Hemlockshade never really picked a side, instead staying out of it. He used the time to wander about as he pleased, and would venture out where he pleased, keeping off of other clans land.
He would've turned to the life of a loner had Owljump not offered him a place within the slowly forming group. Hemlockshade joins because he sees the other as a competent future leader; and figures it beats living the rest of his life alone.

Mates/Love interest: Hemlockshade doesn't really care if a cat is a male or female, he's more interested in personality. Someone who compliments his personality would be ideal, there's quite a few pairings that might work.

Mentoring: While Hemlockshade has little desire to be a mentor, he'd step up to the role if need be.

Other: During his time as an apprentice, his brother Yewpaw unfortunately got green cough and didn't make it. The two were very close, so this hit him pretty hard - his apprentice ceremony being delayed by an additional moon.
Hemlockshade enjoys peaceful walks, so he has a habit of just slipping out of camp and wandering. He finds pretty cool places whenever he does; but always returns back to camp at some point, usually with prey if hunting is good.

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Posted on
2024-01-30 10:37:51
Name: Rustbelly
Rank: Senior Warrior
Age: (in moons) 44 moons

Personality: RustBelly is a warm yet fiery she-cat driven by her goals. She’s always ready to lend an ear or paw no matter the size of the problem. Yet she holds herself at times to impossible standards and expects others to follow suit. Her stubbornness makes it hard to be open to others views but when it comes down to it most Rustbelly only wants peace. She has a love for the simple things in life and an even greater love when it comes to family and friends.

Appearance: A medium haired black coat with a reddish brown underbelly and broad build. She has a square face with mossy green eyes and short whiskers.

Backstory: Born to a queen in Shadowclan with 2 other siblings. Rustbelly had a rocky childhood. Turmoil was brewing resulting in her mother being overly strict about the family demeanor and actions. Despite this Rustbelly found comfort with the elders, enjoying their stories of the past. Once the infighting arrived her family was broken apart, her siblings and mother choosing different groups and leaving Rustbelly behind. She refused to leave the only place she called home and managed to find other cats who thought similar, one being her mate kind mate Gorsepetal. Unfortunately there is no happy ending. With the three clans driving any Shadowclan cats away Rustbelly and Gorsepetal was on the run. While looking for a place to stay Gorsepetal contacted whitecough which quickly developed to greencough with heavy stress. With no medical attention Gorsepetal passed away leaving Rustbelly alone and devastated. Finding Owljumps’ group she joined in hopes of creating a home once more.

Mates/Love interest: Gorsepetal (Deceased mate) Currently not on the search for love


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Posted on
2024-01-30 21:13:25


Rank - Healer

Age 34 moons

Personality  A gentle, caring she-cat. She is an extremely gentle and sweet cat. She adores kits, and loves to talk with elders and queens. She is also very caring, and will go outside the territories for a herb that might save a clanmates life. She does not have one mean bone in her body. Even if a cat bribed her with a stack of prey, and the promise of good weather, she would never say an insult to another cat. Gentlebreeze has a loving demeanor. It is almost always platonic. Her experience with herbs is very well, and she enjoys learning more. She is a slightly sensitive cat when it comes to her age. She doesn't like to be looked down upon because she's so young. She is a shy cat, and will not stand up for herself. Gentlebreeze gets stressed easily, and sometimes needs someone to talk to, and get her built up emotions out.

Appearance Gentlebreeze is a flame pointed siamese. Most of her fur is a light cream/tan. She has light orange on her paws, tail, muzzle, and ears. She has beautiful pale blue eyes. She has a scar on her muzzle involving an incident with a loner.

Backstory - She always dreamt of becoming a warrior, fighting for her clan, and feeding them. She enjoyed practising her hunting skills on leaves, and clawing up sticks. Her kithood was nice, and she got a mentor. Her life was happy, until Starclan themselves called upon her. They sent a sign to the previous medicine cat, who was very old and weak. Gentlebreeze was disappointed when she learned she was forced upon a destiny. A destiny she never wanted. Yet she never complained, and learned with the elderly medicine cat. She caught on quickly, and was announced her medicine cat name. She is now proud of her postition in the clan, but still wishes she was a warrior.

Mate/Love Interest None

Other - Gentlebreeze has a british accent.


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Posted on
2024-02-01 06:01:57


Age: 44 Moons

Personality: Thrushtail is a very stoic and hardworking tom, who is often accidentally rude and has a bad habit of sassiness. Despite that, he works hard and fast, taking care of what he needs to do. He is a natural hunter in rain and fog, often seeming more successful. He's a watch-and-learn kind of guy, which is why he is content as deputy, as he watches Owlstar rule over the clan before him to set an example he will follow. Despite his loyalty, he isn't afraid to stick up for himself. If he senses he is being mistreated, he will speak out with no fear.

Appearance: He is grey with stripes that almost look like rain!! He has black eyes and a soft pink nose. I can draw him in a bit, just not rn XD

Backstory:Thrushtail was raised alone, and was taught the basic neccessities on how to survive by his mother. His mother was extremely nice and was going to teach him everything, before she had suddenly disappeared. He had spent days looking for her, with no success. He ended up giving up, having to survive off of Shadowclan for a while (28 moons back). He ended up being trusted by some, thanks to his hard working personality and his general willingness to help out. When Owljump takes charge, He pledges himself to be loyal and work as hard as he can, and will defend this clan with his life, and asks to serve by Owljump's side as deputy. (your choice if he already is deputy when the RP starts or he isn't yet!!)

Mates/Love interest: None atm :3 He is demiromantic and pan!

Other: He mainly hunts salmon and garter snakes, and maybe beavers if he can actually catch one lol

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Posted on
2024-02-01 08:45:17
Name: Hawktalon
Rank: Senior Warrior
Age: 42 moons
Personality: Hawktalon is a reserved but calculating she-cat. She is normally fine being alone, and is a good patrol leader when given the opportunity. Unfortunately, she is very distrusting and takes a long time to get used to someone she hasn't been around for a while. She has what could be considered an attitude problem to those who don't know her very well. But she is loyal to her clan, and will follow both the warrior code and her morals.
(Art by Warrior cat maker by Neikoish on Deviantart)
Hawktalon is also missing four claws on her front left paw.
Backstory: Hawktalon was a warrior in a now disbanded Shadowclan, enjoying the fall of the clan due to the questionable morals of the Leader. She had a relatively normal apprenticeship, except for one day, she went to save a kit from a swelling stream during a storm. As she saved the kit, Hawktalon (then Hawkpaw), had to cling to a log to keep from sinking into the raging waters. Once help arrived, she had only one option to keep from drowning in the normally calm waters that now threatened to take her life due to the heavy rain. She had to painfully dislodge her claws from the log, losing four claws on her front left paw in the process. She was just lucky she came out alive. The rest of her apprenticeship she had to prove she could still fight just as well as any other cat, and was happy to receive her warrior name.
Mates/Love interest: Will develop a crush and potential relationship with Crowflight
Other: Looks very cold, but has a soft spot for kits and will protect kits and apprentices without question.
Mentorship: She would be willing to take on an apprentice, if need be.

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Posted on
2024-02-03 23:33:56
Name: Toby
Rank: Kittypet
Age: 29 moons

Personality: It's easy to get along with such an optimistic cat, and Toby's kittypet lifestyle contributes to his positive outlook. But the sheltered life comes with it's downsides, and he can come off as naive, having trouble understanding the hard life of a clan cat. He's a kind young tom, but is a bit of a pushover, usually yielding easily, especially with some of the rougher cats in the twoleg place. He has trouble fighting for what he believes in, even when pushed to his limits.

Appearance: Screenshot-20240203-063551-kindlephoto-128187307
Like most kittypets, he was taken from his mother as a young kit, and placed in his first new home. Unfortunately, his first owners weren't ready for a kitten, and he was sent to the shelter, where he spent almost a year before being adopted once more. Luckily, this time worked out, and Toby was taken to a small house located somewhere by the edge of the Twolegplace nearest Pineclan's territory. He first met Gentlebreeze purely by chance, after getting shut out of his twoleg's den overnight. The stretch of woods between Pineclan and the twolegplace is mostly barren, so the clan cats don't usually cross paths with kittypets, but Gentlebreeze had been out searching for a particular herb, and ran right into Toby.

Mates/Love interest: Currently in a forbidden relationship with Gentlebreeze
Other: He genuinely likes his twolegs, and wouldn't leave them, even for the wild life of a clan cat. He can often be found lounging in the small patch of grass his twolegs call a lawn, catching and releasing small bugs and spiders.

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Posted on
2024-02-04 11:41:59
Name: Cicadapaw

Rank: warriors apprentice

Age: 8 moons

Personality: Untouched by the horrors of Shadowclan downfall, Cicadapaw is a relatively happy cat, often wearing a smile to hide away any worries. Despite not being present, she has heard of it from the older cats, and knows it to be bad. Her earliest memories were of traveling and anxious nights, instilling her with the belief to always be wary of things and those that she does not know. However, as a way to combat it, she strives to meet every and all challenges head on; cautious but never quite afraid. She's an energetic gal who loves to learn, soaking up the information given to her like a sponge. She holds a desire to make her clanmates proud, working hard to contribute despite being a mere 'paw.

Appearance: Cicadapaw is a fairly small she cat with a wiry frame. She's slim, with long paws that she occasionally trips over. Her ginger fur is short and curly, and she has large ears and a small face with wide, curious pale green eyes. Cicadapaw also has a long thin tail, and fur that has no scars as of yet.

Backstory: When Shadowclans downfall hit, one of the cats who believed they would make a worthy leader was her father, Wolfstep. He had been a loyal shadowclan warrior, one of the few who wasn't afraid to show distaste about Hawkstar's teachings. He was a bit arrogant, and always talked about what he would do differently. He was ambitious, and sought to return Shadowclan to it's former glory.
However as more cats followed him, it got to his head. His plans to lead increased, and he soon made plans to get rid of other competitors.
The fighting was cruel, and when cats grew tired of it, Wolfstep and his band of followers left. Alongside him was his mate, Littleflower. What happened is unknown, yet Littleflower ran into Owl's group many moons later, pregnant and looking anxious. She shared little of what occured, and only said that she did not wish to raise her child with Wolfstep. She bore wounds, but had a strong will to live. Despite her pregnancy she was able to keep up, only slowing down when she was close to giving birth, something that happened just before they reached the new territory.
Cicada was born, and carried in the jaws of her mother, passed to clanmates where she got too tired to do so.
Despite her strong will, Littleflower grew ill. She hid it, excusing the tiredness as a result of her kit, and the disinterest in hunger as her not quite feeling up to it. Eventually she was made to go into the newly formed medicine cat den, where she lived out her last days as she grew weaker and weaker. She was sad that she would never see Pineclan grow, yet was happy to have been apart of the journey.
Cicadapaw misses her mother dearly, and a small part of her holds a bit of fear that the reason she got so sick was because having a child weakened her. Needing a parental figure to look up to, Cicadapaw latched onto Morningecho, admiring the warrior like a kid does to their superhero.

Mates/Love interest: Too young for that.

Other: Due to her shorter coat, Cicadapaw tends to get colder easily. She's also more suspectable to illnesses.
She has an interest in bugs, as her mother taught her alot about them. She likes to watch them, but otherwise leaves them alone.
Her nest is lined with lots of feathers to keep her extra cozy. She'll bring them to cats as gifts, or pretty rocks she finds.
As a way to keep herself occupied, Cicadapaw has learnt various kinds of birdsong. She uses this to aid her when hunting.

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Posted on
2024-02-04 23:56:55
Name: Sootpaw
Rank: Apprentice (since the downfall of Shadowclan)
Age: 34 moons
Personality: Calculating, smooth talking, and oddly manipulative in his own way. He could talk a mouse into a fox den. However, he feels like he is owed any and everything. And will attempt to take it, no matter the cost.
(Art by Warrior cat maker by Neikoish on Deviantart)
Backstory: He was a very headstrong and rebellious apprentice, willing to take out anyone in his way to get him to the higher ranks of the clan hierarchy. Even as just an apprentice, he was willing to get his paws dirty to gain respect he felt he was owed. He was found out one day, and exiled, right before the fall of Shadowclan. Still being an apprentice in roguehood, he never got a warrior name. He is the half brother of Hawktalon, and neither of them knew each other very well besides sharing a mother.
Mates/Love interest: No mate or love interest, but can be quite the Romeo if he needs something.
Other: Has been living as a rogue for moons now. Curses Hawktalon for leaving him in Shadowclan, but wouldn't say he felt abandoned.

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2024-02-05 18:47:01

Aureum (ow-ree-oom)

Rank - Kittypet

Age - 8 Moons

Personality - A bouncy, skittish young feline. She is usually very enthusiastic, looking for the postives in tough situations. She's very energetic and playful. She's also quite skittish, any rustle in the bushes and she's already running up a tree. Auream is quite friendly and social to cats she is comfortable with. If she sees a stranger, she will try and fluff up her kitten fur in an attempt to scare them off. She tries to be tough and brave, but usually her flight instinct kicks in quite quickly. 

Appearance - A pretty black and white young she. With blue/green eyes, and a lavender colored collar. On her collar, is a little bell, which gives away her away easily.

Backstory - Aureum was born in an alley way of a city. Her mother died giving birth, leaving her and one other kit struggling for life. Some housefolk rescued the two, putting them in a "shelter". Aureum was quickly adopted when she was weaned, seperated from her only kin. She enjoys her housefolk, but she wishes there was more to life than staying in the confines of her home. 

Mates/Love Interest - None, she's too innocent

Other - Aureum has a soft british accent. She still has a lot of her kitten fur, making her seem quite fluffy. 

[ image belongs to Bob Richards on Link to Source]

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Senior Warrior
Cougarbramble's personality had changed much over the years- going from a young brash apprentince to a mellowed out even tempered gentleman, and now, a hollow husk of the cat he used to be. It was bound to happen, seeing one's long life completly washed away.

Nowadays he appears to be a quiet fellow, who oddly stares into the distance randomly, as he moves gingerly through his resumed warrior tasks. He cannot bear the thought to be an elder in the newly budding clan- if he was left alive by star clan, then it must have been because his service is not yet over.

This newfound role he strongly believes to be his assigned purpose by star clan, but the events have noteably torn him down, and he looks forward to the day he finds himself in the company of his extended family again.

He has allways strongly believed in Star Clan- and he certainly does now. He frequently talks to the stars at night.

Suppose, he serves his role as the classic storytelling elder- he now feels responsible to keep the memory alive of so many cats, and it helps to bring them back to life for him, if just for a moment.

Cougarbramble has an evenly ticked pelt without any stripes, sans two subtle tear streaks near his face. He would genetically be a black ticked (probably sepia) tabby. His undersides and toes are lighter.

His physique falls more on the cobby side.

Cougarbramble is a cat that has seen it all, lived it all. Through life, he has seen multiple loves and friendships blossom, and 3-4 generations sprout down from his spot in the family tree, with perhaps the fifth on the way. And he watched the family tear its own members apart, and the clan along with it. Such rich life and legacy, had crumbled before his own rheumy eyes. A man cannot help but wonder, what kind of cruel joke is it to take nigh everyone but the old man already in his twilight years, and rob him from the opportunity to pass his final moments in the home he knew?

So, here he is now in the new Pineclan, leaving his pensioned position in the hopes of rekindling the embers that have been left behind from his old life, as a last mission before he earns his final rest.

Mates/Love interest:
Unless someone wants to be his surviving wife then chances are no

Bramble was not his innitial suffix, it was something he innitially choose in order to honour a dead friend.

I am not the most active Lioden player, I thought a more laidback and old cat nearing his end would fit my style better and also provide a very concrete living link to Shadowclan.

If anyone wants to claim him as somesort of ancestor, feel free to do so and notify me in some way if possible- keep in mind he will undoubtedly be closer to a cat that is closer realated to him.

I mentioned this in his backstory, but age wise he certainly qualifies being an elder- he just stubbornly refuses to be.

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