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2024-01-28 14:13:42

Welcome to the Broken Pines! I was a little bored, so I whipped this up.

-No arguing or fighting, hate the character not the other person.
-If there is an actual problem, please contact me or the mods.
-Mates and stuff are allowed, but you need to work it out with me if you want to have kits. Also, fade to black for 18+ stuff, or just avoid it entirely.
-If you are a kit, you can't go out of camp on your own, or go hunt prey, or fight a badger, or any of that. You are a child.
- Please don't write names with an apostrophe in between the prefix and suffix (like this: Fire'star)
-You need to PM me your character sheet, plus a roleplay sample for ANY RANK.

Please Pm me if you have questions.






OOC chat

[Please get your character sheet approved and posted before replying]

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2024-04-17 16:21:20
Moving Owlstar's post to here

"I accept your surrender." Owlstar purred, tail held high. He had won! Not that he had ever doubted himself, of course. He released his grip on the other tom, stepping to the side and swiping his tounge down his chest quickly to smooth his ruffled fur down a little! It had been an excellent fight, and a nice way to burn some energy off. Honestly, a little lounging in the sun sounded pretty nice right about now. He glanced back over at Hemlockshade, his heart still racing a little. Perhaps Hemlockshade could skip out on the training, just this once. He smirked slightly at Hemlockshade's mention of a 'broken paw'. "A broken paw must be pretty painful." Owlstar leaned into a stretch, flexing his hind legs, which had been feeling a little rough. "Alright. You can skip out, but just this once."

Owlstar purred once more before striding over to his den, stretching out on one of the sun-warmed rocks, letting the heat relax his muscles and sooth any bruises he had sustained during the spar. All in all, his had been a satisfying fight, one that he ran over in his mind, almost more out of habit than anything else. He had done well during most of it, as had Hemlockshade, but he still couldn't puzzle out quite why he had hesitated so much. His gaze seemed drawn back towards Hemlockshade, and he lowered his head to rest it on the stone below him, letting his thoughts wander as he looked at the other tom through half closed eyes.

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2024-04-25 12:03:45

The tom blinked hard and stared blankly at where Toby had went. Did something happen? Curiously Jay followed after him and broke into a brief sprint, pouncing up to perch on the edge of the thin fence. He pinned his ears back uncertainly and watched the smaller cat, both confused and intrigued. These new neighbours were certainly interesting.

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2024-04-27 22:10:10

He barely noticed Jay join him up on the fence, instead focusing on the bit of fur clutched in his paw. He hadn't seen any blood, so she hadn't been chased. Toby shook his head slightly, mentally poking himself. Why was he instantly jumping to the worst conclusions? She had probably gotten bored of sitting in the medicine den all day. That had to be it, right? He looked around the smallish yard, tailtip flicking as he tried to find her scent. He was never the best tracker, and the smell of the herbs and flowers his housefolk was growing were already confusing him a little. If she was still in the yard, she would've noticed him, clearly. She had shaper eyes than him. Maybe, noticing he wasn't there, she had tried to look for him?

(Waiting for Silentstalk on this one)

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2024-05-01 04:48:05

Mudpaw started to clean his dark fur, removing any dirt attached to it. Now his mind is fully refreshed after sharing tongues with the elder tom, Cougarbramble.

Mudpaw looked around the camp. His nose twitching, It looks like some cats have gone out of the camp, their scent almost fading. He wanted to at least do something to help the clan, but almost everyone was nowhere to be found, where could they have been?

(aaand I'm back again, I can't think of a reply until now since mudpaw was locked with Cougarbramble )

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2024-05-05 21:29:02

He raised his head slightly, tail flicking idley as he sunned himself on the rock, a low purr rumbling in his chest as he pressed his head against the warm stone. Despite the thick fur on his chest and tail, he had always loved lying against something warm, letting it soothe and relax every hair on his pelt. It wasn't sunhigh any longer, the sun slowly crawling lower behind the pines, bringing with it a cool afternoon breeze, faint enough that it barely stirred his whiskers. The sun dappled his striped pelt, casting a large shadow on the pines behind him. The camp was quiet, almost too quiet, and Owlstar felt a slight tinge of displeasure color his thoughts. Had they all run off again? At this rate, he'd have to scrap the training alltogether. His eyes narrowed slightly as he noticed Mudpaw, evidently finished sharing tounges, glancing around camp. Did he also have plans to run off?

His claws unsheathed a little, a quiet scrape on stone, only as loud as the ficker of a songbird's wings. He needed to get his clan better under control. Contests hadn't worked, his attempt at team-building wasn't looking like it would even get off the ground... Perhaps, instead of a skirmish, he should work at getting routine patrols together. But he'd need Morningecho for that, and she was still in the medicine den. His thoughts took a turn as he remebered Gentlebreeze storming out of camp. His purr abruptly shifted tones into a growl, as he rolled to his paws. He knew another good way to get the clan organized. He needed cats that would be truly loyal to the clan, to him. Perhaps Mudpaw could be one of those cats. He seemed eager enough to help the clan, after all.

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